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Bars for sale San Diego

Buy Gold at BlueVault San Diego Get your gold immediately; don’t wait weeks.
Choose from the most recognized products.
Get clear, understandable transactions.

Why buy gold at BlueVault?
BlueVault is the safest and most convenient place to buy gold in San Diego, offering the most well known bullion bars and coins. You buy gold over-the-counter, and take immediate possession. No ordering online, sight-unseen. You don’t pay for shipping, or worry and wait weeks for it to arrive. Our prices are among the lowest you’ll find, and you’ll feel comfortable doing business with our knowledgeable staff in our private, ultra-secure facility. And when you decide to sell, we’ll offer you very competitive market prices. market prices. You can also use your retirement funds to buy gold and silver and store it at BlueVault using a self-directed Gold IRA. And if you need a place to protect your gold, we offer confidential, ultra-secure storage in a private bank-grade vault, from safe deposit boxes up to 6-foot tall units. Diebold protects the entire facility 24/7/365. Call or visit us and ask about our current specials.

The benefits of getting it now
When it comes to gold bullion, it’s not about instant gratification. It’s about getting what you want, when you want it, at the best price, placed in your hands so you know it’s right. At BlueVault, all gold bullion is sold in person, over the counter. You can inspect the products, and get straight, helpful answers to your questions. And you’ll pay less than you’re probably paying now for your gold coins and bars. You won’t pay shipping, you won’t pay handling fees, and you won’t get frayed nerves waiting for your gold to show up.

Why our prices are low
At BlueVault, we keep costs low for our customers. You don’t pay for telemarketing, shipping departments, or television commercials. You’ll never see hidden charges, fees, or complicated transactions. Everything we do is transparent and easy to understand. We sell only the most recognized and traded products, and we keep our margins as low as you’ll find anywhere. Come by, get what you’re looking for, and save. It’ll add up to higher returns for you.

A no Bait-And-Switch zone
New gold bullion buyers are often confused by companies who try to up-sell them on products with higher profit margins. BlueVault stands against that. We don’t sell “rare” coins, house brands, fringe items, or novelties. Our well-known, high-quality products are the safest, simplest, most sellable, and most efficient way to buy gold.

Get what you want
BlueVault wants you to be an educated gold buyer. Our gold menu features only the most popular and accepted bars and coins. It’s simple and straightforward. And our knowledgeable sales team will give you straight answers. We explain the differences in gold bullion, but you decide what the best investment is for you. And if we don’t have what you want, we can often get it for you within one business day. We’ll even lock in the price for you.

Highest privacy and security
At BlueVault, we practice care and discretion. (After all, we operate one of the largest private vaults in the western US.) BlueVault is designed for your comfort and safety from the ground up. It’s an ultra-secure facility in a safe, convenient location. There’s free parking directly in front, just steps from our door. And all gold transactions are conducted with your privacy and confidentiality in mind.

The Southwest’s largest private vault
If it’s important to you to keep your gold bars and coins both safe and confidential, look into BlueVault’s UL-rated, maximum-security, Swiss-style private vault. Our 90-ton vault provides secure storage, from small safe deposit boxes up to units 6 feet tall. You get a brand-new lock and the only keys. Access to your unit is quick and easy, and we can arrange for after-hours access. BlueVault is safer than a home safe, and it’s ultra-private. Unlike banks, we don’t require your Social Security. Security is provided 24/7/365 by Diebold, guardian of the Pentagon, the Hope Diamond, and the Declaration of Independence. Call or visit us to learn more. And ask about our current specials.

What is Bullion?

Buying “Bullion” is the simplest, most efficient, most convenient way to invest in gold and silver. Unlike rare coins, numismatics, or collectibles, “bullion” refers to minted coins and bars whose price is tied directly to their precious metal content. Establishing the value of bullion is quick and straightforward because it’s based on published “spot prices”. Bullion is easy to buy and sell because it can be authenticated easily. As a result, when you sell you’ll find a ready market. We carry the most recognized and tradable bullion, produced by several governments and trusted private mints. Call or visit us to learn more. And ask about our current special offers.

Protect your gold and other valuables in our Swiss-style private vault.

Our UL-rated, ultra-secure, private vault protects your valuables from theft, fire, earthquake, and seizure. Within the vault is a variety of secure storage units, from safe deposit boxes to ones large enough to hold a 6-foot statue. Every unit comes with a brand new lock; you keep the only keys. And unlike banks, we don't require your Social Security number. We keep your identity confidential. BlueVault is protected 24/7/365 by Diebold, the guardian of global institutions. Visit or call us, and ask about our current specials.

Buy Gold Bullion With Your IRA

Now you can use your retirement funds to buy gold using a Self-Directed IRA. It’s completely IRS-compliant. And instead of shipping your assets to a far off depository as previously required, you can now store them locally at BlueVault where you can see them in person, and where they’re insured by Lloyd’s of London and vaulted in a UL-Certified depository. Learn more.

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