Photo of The Bullpen Bar

Bullpen Bar and Grill San Diego

20 Maiden Ln
New York, NY 10038

(212) 227-3007

I was walking by and decided to eat here. It is very clean and the server Vlad is really nice and good looking! He is a good server and the place gives great vibes. I ordered the fish tacos and my friend ordered the veggie burger. It's about $8-$14 per parson! I recommend this restaurant!

As a part of our stay with the Holiday Inn next door, we decided to pay a little extra so we could get breakfast included in our nightly room charge. As a part of the Holiday Inn deal, you can select the standard breakfast, or have a pool of $20 worth of funds between both me and my wife to go towards the bill. On the first morning we had breakfast, we optioned for the standard breakfast which included a piece of toast, bacon, potato pieces & eggs to your liking. The toast was cold, the potato was cold, the bacon was cold, but the eggs were too bad. I would even go to the extent of the worst bacon I have ever eaten. Thinking that the standard breakfast may be just sitting in a warmer ready for the next customer that orders it from the hotel, the second day we decide to order something else of the menu to sort of get a better guarantee of breakfast freshness. I ordered the Denver omelette with white toast. I ended up receiving whole meal toast - or more like the bread was sat in the sun for half an hour, then thrown on a plate & called in toast. The omelette tasted like rubber & hardly ate it. The potatoes that came with it were a little warmer than the previous breakfast we got from here. Even though we have paid for our breakfast for the duration of our stay, we are now refusing to eat there again & would prefer to spend more money somewhere else to have a half decent meal. In saying this, I am sure you can guess my views on anyone who asks my advice in dining here.

Tonight, I had a great experience at Bullpen . I gave it another shot . Wings are crisp and light . Sauce requested great . Lilia was ready with full mixology experience to make any drink . Pleasure will make it a regular

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