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W Hotel San Diego rooftop Bar

W Hotel
421 W B St
San Diego, CA 92101

It was a cool place to hang out. It's not one of those poppin' crowded bars. It was a place to chill. The bartender was super nice and cool. I came here during the winter time so it was cool to be able to just sit by the burning fire. This is a good place to take a date when you want to have a chance to sit down and talk. It's even better in the winter time so you can sit and cuddle on their comfy outdoor chairs and sit by the heaters. I didn't get a chance to order any food here but from the ones I saw going to tables, they definitely looked good. I will try to come back here again to check out the menu.

The Rooftop Bar is located at the W Hotel. I have to say the place was nothing special. The views are worth the trip. So I came here with some friends who where visiting from out of town. After we got here the place was not that busy. The people who work here are super friendly. The bartenders know how to make some strong drinks. I have to say being a big fan of rooftop bar it was nothing special. To me when the vibe is not happening it's hard to really feel the mix of people who come here. Overall if you are coming here on a date night you can impress your date with the amazing views. Overall I may come back again.

Hit this spot on a Sunday after dinner & it was totally dead. The bartender was extremely friendly & welcoming. Had more than our fair share of spots to camp out in near the fire pit of chairs. Definitely a comfy spot to hang out in... As much fun as it is to go to a bar that's poppin, this was cool for a chill relaxing night to sit on comfy couches, kick up our feet, enjoy great drinks, & a cool fire.

My friend Cathy and I were in La Jolla at comic show and we decided to go to The Rooftop Bar in Prospect st. We tried three lamb sliders with feta cheese and cucumber and pesto salmon with bed of mashed potatoes and vegetables. Food was very good and service as well. We saw a beautiful sunset, what a wonderful experience to end the weekend. Thanks @therooftoplajolla we will be back soon.

They would get 5 stars if they still had sand. haha. they changed their name from the sand bar to the rooftop bar and now it is just another bar with music and a sorta cool view of other buildings. but it is the W so it is always fancy and stylish! i actually do love it here and im sure that not having sand is way easier to manage. im sure they were constantly having to replace it and clean it. anyway. cool bar, expensive drinks as per usze with SPG hotels, and great vibes! also they have regular shows and pool parties with DJs that can get really awesome sometimes!!

The bartender here was super nice. There wasn't much shade to sit under, and got hot quickly. The food tasted like frozen food. The view wasn't anything amazing either.

This was called before the Beach rooftop and had sand on the floor and was more sea oriented. Not so long ago was transformed in what is it today and went to take a look at the Ice and Fire nights during this Christmas season, with real snow to make you forget this scorching hot San Diego weather we are having. Great news for you...no cover, great not loud music, fantastic atmosphere, ok views as there are other rooftops in town with better ones, but still very pleasant. Normal prices for the drinks and service is very good. Everybody very attentive even for the ones just wanted to take some pics next to those fake chairs on fire. It is a very cool place to visit and I recommend to everybody even if you are not staying at the hotel W. Go during one week night, as on Saturdays can get super crowded and there are usually different events going on. Also, some steps down towards the reception you will find a no less cool games room and the pool with a very Californian beach style poster. No one will bother you if you decide to take a rest after your drinks seating by the pool or enjoying playing some games.

Overpriced. Okay atmosphere, but sort of more older/tourist crowd when I was there. They have movies sometimes, which is cool.

Cool rooftop lounge area. Super over priced though. Either that or they over charged me. I didn't bother looking at my receipt so I guess that's my bad and I didn't realized how much I was charged until I saw my bank statement. $95 for 4 drinks. Ridiculous.

I went here during happy hour on a Wednesday night and I really enjoyed it. Only being on the third floor, the rooftop isn't as impressive as some rooftop bars, but the atmosphere is still really nice and it still feels open and urban. Coming here on a nice day during the week during happy hour is great opportunity for someone who doesn't like crowds and enjoys the feeling of being in the city. During happy hour, house wines were $6 which I'd consider very reasonable, plus there was pleasant live music. The musician seemed really pleasant and really wanted to engage with the crowd as well (I think he performs there regularly). Overall, I am sure that this won't be the place for everyone, but I really enjoyed my experience here.

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