Heart of a San Diego MILF

Cougars Bar San Diego

5147 Waring Rd
San Diego, CA 92120

(619) 582-6699

Located in a local neighborhood strip mall. Plenty of parking. Good drinks and specials, tvs for watching sports, playing pool or karaoke later in yhe evening.

If you want the customer service of dicks last resort without the laughs, this is your place. Red Head bar tender sighed with inconvience anytime anyone disturbed her game of pool for a drink. After reading the comments, seems like the staff has been a problem for a while.

It say I only have checked in here twice but I can tell you I definitely have been here more times the that! I mostly get excited because this bar is by far the most chill, neutral & at times energetic bar I have been to in the allied gardens area. I'm glad I have friends who grew up in this area or else I would have never known about this joint. The bartender is hilarious and gives great service hands down. She even plays pool... If your looking to get beat!, They have a good selection of beer but I'm a whiskey man so I don't go for the mugs. The dance floor is open and great, they have 2 pool tables with a huge amount of room which is by far the biggest bonus ever. Mostly because its hard to find a bar that has room for you to play pool without the butt of the pool stick hitting the wall. One of my other favorite parts if this place is the seating areas. Comfy and the chairs even roll. I have no complaints, clean place great service and good times.

Hard to believe that in San Diego, ( the craft beer capital of the usa) that Pal Joey's has NO craft beer's on their menu. Only the same boring Bud-light, Coors etc.

What happened to this place? They used to have the absolute best bartenders and cocktail servers in San Diego! That was a year or so ago.now they all SUCK! Thank god for cute lil' Traci, who has always been our favorite cocktail server and is a bartender now. If they ever get rid of her - This place would go out of business for sure!

Live music, cheap drinks, fun people, cheap drinks, close to my friends house, cheap drinks, great bartenders, cheap drinks, occasional karaoke, cheap drinks, dancing, cheap drinks, Cindi's pineapple upside down shots, crazy laughing girls, cheap drinks.but I mostly come here for the stimulating conversation. Ask Laura D. About the cabbage incident. That little prize escaped her forever. Sigh. Cheap drinks ;-)

Update when did our fun neighborhood hangout become a bar of near naked bartenders? Seems like owner wants to make this another one of his strip joints. Disappointed again.

Ok let me start out with its a locals bar. If your not from A.G or Del Cerro maybe even San Carlos you won't now anyone. Who's cares it's a nice crowd. Great deals on drinks there's two pool tables. Everynight is something different. There's karaoke, games on, live bands, Mike the owner also does car shows . Great place to be, I used to call it home. Just moved away from A.G anyhow it's the spot I highly recommend if you want to chill be able to chit Chat and have a good time.

Awesome local bar, we feel so comfortable here. Drinks are reasonable bartenders are friendly, everyone who works here could not be nicer. They make you feel at home. Mens bathroom clean and fully stocked and have been so on all 4 times I have been here. I do come to see Theo and The ZYDECO PATROL, they are so good will be back every time they come here its my favorite bar to see the band

Was invited here by a friend for a drink. Gotta say that I am always suspicious about bars in strip malls, but this one really exceeded my expectations. Friendly service, nice clean establishment, and live music. Looks like a great local bar!

Pal Joey's is AWESOME ! Our band played there and they were so easy to work with. Our fans RAVED about the bartenders (shout out to RED and the others!). Service was friendly and fast... Manager Chris was involved all night and running a great show. A really fun time!

Cindi is no longer here. Not at all happy about it. Scres Peter. Not giving him any more if my bucks.

Well said Summer! This place used to be the best until about 4 or 5 months ago. The old bartenders really made the place ! Laura, Tracy, April, they all were amazing ! We absolutely LOVED CINDY!!! She was super funny and friendly and had a way of making us feel at home every time we walked through the door. Oh, and she really knew her $#%& behind the bar!! Now we won't set foot in the place unless Tracy is working - thank god they kept 1 good one! Krista is great too but she is rarely there. "Cleaning house was by far the worst business decision ever!! Saving a ton of money now though since we arent spending it all at pal joeys anymore!

You'd never know the fun that can be had here by looking at the outside of this bar. Everyone is very friendly (some are extremely friendly) and the bartenders are awesome. Cindy is AMAZING!! The drink prices are very reasonable and the live band is so much fun. As another reviewer mentioned, they accept all credit cards, including Amex.

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