J Bar San Diego

616 J St
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 531-8744

I had such an awesome experience at Jsix. I was on a short trip in San Diego and decided to try out Jsix. the food was amazing and so was our server. Jake is great!! He definitely knew the menu extremely well and he kept checking our table to make sure we had everything we needed.

I frequent restaurants and have to say that aside from the decor, this place was underwhelming. Where do I start... I came here with my boyfriend on a date night. It was around what would have been rush hour for dinner, but it was pretty empty. That should have been my sign. When the server came up, he was great - very pleasant and is the reason for the 2nd star. For the drinks: I ordered one of the mixed drinks and couldn't believe how small it was. For $12, you would think you'd get more than the volume of a shot glass. For the food: When I was handed the menu, I immediately thought to myself "that's it". There is very little selection at this restaurant. It felt like they had no options. We got the hamburger and steak since the server said these were the larger items (we saw that the dishes being served next to use were TINY and had to ask). We also ordered the meat and cheese plate. $5 for two tiny slices of cheese, $5 for maybe a 1/4 oz of salami is a total ripoff. About 45 minutes later... the food arrives. The burger was OK... but nothing to cost $18. The steak had very little, literally almost no, sides. I ordered it medium-rare and it came medium-well. Sirloin improperly cooked for $38 with pretty much no sides. At this point, we were starving, so we went ahead and ate it, paid and left. We go to a lot of four or five star restaurants, we understand what service, food preparation and cost should look like. This restaurant experience was one of our least favorite in the past year of dining out. I hope they step up their game or they'll never last in Downtown San Diego where there are crazy-good competition.

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