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Livewire Bar San Diego

2103 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 291-7450

I have not been here in years, but i hear there playing "German torture porn" so now this is my favorite bar, see you soon. P.S. Please make a schedule for the porn days, thank you.

Everyone else I know LOVES this place. I however, can't find out why. It's ultra divey like a place you'd go in the late 90s to watch a punk show. The bartenders take forever to get you a drink. However my female friends say they get them in seconds and others don't share this, so I will say "Maybe it's just me". Drinks aren't bad prices, you totally could take home someone here with little to no effort. Hipster and "Hipster hopefuls" frequent this spot. Parking is pretty easy from what I can see. I walk usually if I get talked into I.

Live Wire is everything I could ever wish for in a dive bar. A full wall of liquor, a fridge full of beer, and loud music touches even the most somber heart. Although the music is close to drowning out conversation altogether, the atmosphere makes it all worth it. Definitely one of the coolest bars in San Diego at 1/3 of the price.

I will never come to this bar again. My first time at this place, and they played German torture porn. Absolutely disgusting. I was so offended as a women. I love dove bars, but they definitely took it to the extreme. Get a better management system, that doesn't encourage their employers playing torture porn.

Awesome happy hour. 4 dollars for pretty much any brew or well. This seems to be a local spot. Staff is friendly enough but, tenders can be a little too cool for school at times. Don't take it personal. One pool table in the back is nice to kill some time.

Home of the best jukebox in San Diego. Livewire is a mostly-locals inhabited dive(ish) bar with cheap, strong drinks and great atmosphere. Dogs are allowed inside and there's a pool table and Big Buck Hunter arcade game. Like mentioned before, their jukebox is loaded with new wave and punk and is much more affordable compared to others around town. It can get crowded on weekend nights, but nothing too crazy. One perk is that Luigi's pizza is so close by, you can grab a few slices and then eat them at Livewire. All in all, a great local bar with no frills and cheap drinks.

Hands down GREAT HAPPY HOUR. From 5 to 8 you will find beers here for $4 that will set you back $7-8 at other joints. We are avid Enjoy By drinkers. We found a location in North Park that did not have it on special for their Happy Hour and we walked away with a $40 dollar bill because we did three rounds of it (thank God for Uber) Two days later, we stroll into Live Wire and, like a traumatized abuse survivor, I ask, timidly, "how much for the Enjoy By?' $4! Not only that but you'll find other great, strong and well known craft beers at an incredible price during their happy hour. At night this place does get a bit full. Lot's of dogs so watch out. I almost tripped over one or two (damn you Enjoy By!). One small caveat: The last time we were here, we asked the bartender if they had any tequila specials. The time was around 830. The response was: "It ain't that kinda' bar." Bartender immediately exited stage left. Now, I guess this is the part of the review where I take something personal and rant and rave? But despite my theories I'll just remain neutral and let you decide what was meant by that or at what level of seriousness it was intended. "It ain't that kinda' bar" has now became our inside joke so it's all good :v

It's a dive bar. Go there expecting that. There is no food but the drink selection is very good and they have fun happy hour deals even on the weekend.

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