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  • At Cheetahs we’re always prepared to go that step further to make sure you enjoy the party. We pull out all the stops to bring you the most beautiful erotic dancers in the most comfortable, fun setting possible.

So it begs the question, how could San Diego’s best nude strip club possibly get any better?

This is a question we continually challenge ourselves with. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the Cheetahs experience and provide you with better customer service and heaps more value.

And we reckon our latest innovation is one of our best yet.

You see, we’ve noticed that other strip clubs are a bit boring, and we’re sure you have too, which is why we go all out to make sure the vibe is always popping at Cheetahs. However, occasionally, it’s not the club but the people around you who put a downer on your night. For example, the guy at the table next to you who’s had too much to drink and looks like he might fall asleep at any moment, or perhaps that over-enthusiast guy that won’t stop chewing your ear off about last week’s game – when all you want to do is focus on the super hot dancers on stage.

The fact is, when it comes to hitting the strip club, sometimes you want something a little more exclusive, a little more special. And there’s no better way to enjoy a woman’s company than up close and personal, relaxing in private surroundings while you get to know each other.

So imagine this for a moment: How about we give you a VIP booth in our new hookah lounge, well away from the crowd? How about you, or you and your friends, enjoy VIP status while puffing away on a hookah and being entertained by the hottest women in town?

Sound good?

But wait! The VIP treatment doesn’t stop there.

While it’s true that Cheetahs is the only strip club in town to have a VIP hookah lounge, we wanted to take the experience one HUGE step further. And so we decided to also become the only strip club in town with a personal hostess service.

Here’s how it works…

First you take a seat in the VIP hookah lounge, and then tell our hostess about the kind of looks and personality you like in a woman. Your hostess will then arrange for women that fit your requirements to come and join you in your booth. This means no more second-guessing and struggling to pick between your favorite dancers. This means zero effort on your behalf. Simply let your hostess know what you want, and she’ll assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for – not to mention taking care of any of your other needs such as drinks and changing the flavor of your hookah.

It makes absolutely no sense to go to a boring hookah lounge that has a few ambient lights on the ceiling and no women to chat to, when you can kick it at Cheetahs, surrounded by beautiful, naked erotic dancers!

Don’t worry about hookah availability either (no pun intended); we have plenty to go round and stock a diverse range of flavors for you to choose from. Lastly, as with all the facilities at Cheetahs, we take hygiene very seriously, so rest assured that each hookah comes with a brand new mouthpiece to smoke from.

Come and experience the new hookah lounge at Cheetahs, San Diego’s premier nude strip club. And, if you want to take the VIP treatment to the next level, give us a call and we’ll come pick you up in our VIP shuttle bus.

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