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Cafe 222 San Diego Menu

222 Island Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-9902

Bf and I wanted to come to SD for a quick day trip, and decided to stop by here for breakfast. Luckily, we didn't have to wait, but we did also opt to sit inside. I think if you wanted a patio seat, there would have been a bit of a wait. He got the huevos rancheros and a tamale and I got the blueberry cornbread waffle and a "fresh" orange juice. That OJ was definitely not fresh, so I wouldn't bother getting it.. but the blueberry waffle was so good!! It's one big waffle, but the texture and the flavor was all there. It's a bit bland, so you do need syrup. I'm not huge on syrup, but I was drowning my waffle in it because the syrup there is strangely watery... Huevos rancheros and the tamale were also surprisingly good~ it's a large portion, and we were able to share most of it. Definitely would come back!

This place is amazing. Whenever we go to San Diego we always go here for brunch. It's a small cafe so the wait can be long but it's so worth it. We have never been disappointed with every order we make. Their portion is very generous and their prices are decent. If you love breakfast and brunch food come here.

This place is nasty. I ordered the "American" or something close to that. Potatoes were literally chopped like a kindergartener got into mums knife drawer, and chopped away. So dry too! Like not overcooked dry, but Tempe Arizona dry. Eggs were dry too. Like dandruff in December dry. And the cost, my god. Over $40 for two people. After I left I heard this place was famous. If famous for sucking is a thing, then I understand! Avoid, go to IHOP or Dennys.

We went all the way to san diego about 80 miles to get here. Yeah its that good. I always get the croaker which is amazing. Its worth the drive everytime. Customer service is very good too.

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