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Amore Pizza San Diego

9272 Miramar Rd
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 566-0981

I first tried That's Amore as a New Yorker new to San Diego in 1994. For many years, this was the closest to NY style pizza you can find in the area, even though they don't advertise as such. There are other places around now, but I always find myself coming back here when I'm nearby, because it is really good and the owners are so nice. The pizza may not be as large as the other NY labeled joints nearby, but the quality is great and so is the price. Their calzones are also awesome and you must try the chicken parmigiana sandwich, which is much better than the one from Jersey Mike's and half the price.

I have been eating here for at least 20 years.Jack and Rose are both amazing.they have watched my kids grow up.their son Pete is a great guy also.Calzones are amazing! Love this place!

After Go-Kart Racing, my boyfriend and I figured we would pick up a slice of pizza. We were going out to dinner later that night and the timing was weird (almost 3pm) so we didn't want to go somewhere and get an entire pizza or a full meal. We had also both been craving pizza. I looked up this place on yelp, naturally, and saw it got 4.5 stars with a good amount of reviews. It's just around the corner from the Mirmar Speed Circuit and down the street from my bf's job, but he had never heard of it or been. We drive there and park easily, it's located in a good sized shopping center. We walk in and the place is small and drab, which is fine. Most good authentic pizza places aren't over the top. There was a family of 4 chatting and waiting for their meal. There was only one person working there, I'm assuming the owner, and he came out from the back. He was friendly and helpful. We ordered a slice of pepperoni and a slice of cheese with 2 toppings added, plus 2 canned sodas. Overall, the price was right. I think the canned soda's we $1.25 each and the slices were about $2.75 each. We were really hoping to go there and just grab a slice of pepporoni or cheese already made, similar to pizza my heart. They had the display there but no pizza instead. Maybe since it was an off time they didn't have slices out to purchase. It was fine, we sat down and waited for a few minutes. The other guests go their calzones and sandwiches and then ours came out. The crust was great! It was cooked how I like it, with a little crunch to it. Not too thin, but not thick at all. Good sized slice, too. The only thing lacking was FLAVOR. I ordered the green pepper and pineapple topping. Maybe it was my toppings (the same kind I get all the time-yes, I know, a weird choice but my favorite). I added lots of red pepper to make up for it, but it just didn't taste like much. I was a bit disappointed. I had been avoiding pizza for over a month and this was my first slice, my 'cheat' meal and it was definitely not worth cheating with. Perhaps the other food is better. Maybe it was an off day since it was so slow and just one guy working. The service was great, pricing was fair and the location was ideal, but that's about it.

The Bomb Turkey Sandwich, tasty and delicious !! I'll return again, customer service was Good!!

First time coming here. Great customer service and the calzone is so good. You can customize it to your liking. A must buy if you stop through.

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