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Flippin Pizza San Diego

16615 Dove Canyon Rd
San Diego, CA 92127
(858) 674-9977

I'm posting an updated review due to the good customer service I received from the manager/owner of the business. First, the pizza is amazing, that's not why I originally knocked their rating down, please read below to get the full scoop. I posted a review a couple weeks ago disappointed in the fact that on two separate orders, I've tried to redeem the "free garlic knot" offer that Yelp has listed however on both occasions garlic knots were not delivered. The owner/manager reached out to me on multiple occasions to address the situation and I was very happy that he was so attentive to my concern since I have a strong desire to get good customer service at establishments I chose to spend my money at. My original rating was not because the food is bad, because the food is great, it really is. My original rating was because there was an offer for free garlic knots that were never delivered on two orders over the course of 6 months. Of note, this was a honest mistake and one that could have been resolved if two things had happened on both parties side. 1. I left a note in the note section requesting the free garlic knots since there wasn't an option anywhere else online to annotate the free garlic knots they were offering. Since the garlic knots weren't listed as a charged item, but instead the notes section, the cook never made them hence why they were never delivered. Lesson learned from this, call to confirm, which is what I should have done originally. 2. The cooks should have reviewed the "notes" section of the order, but didn't, which was part of the problem and why both the owner and I agreed that if their is a note section, the cook should review the notes section to see what the customer asks about otherwise don't have a Note Section. Thank you to Jason the owner for his courteous and polite responses. This review is deserving of the update and I appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns.

We picked up a bunch of pizzas from here yesterday for the super bowl. The staff was very helpful so we appreciated that. BBQ chicken - I am always a fan of BBQ chicken pizza and I feel like it's really hard to mess up. This was a solid one. Buffalo chicken - The flavor was good but not much chicken on it. White - This just tasted like a plain cheese pizza. The ricotta did not come through though it is a mild cheese to begin with. Pepperoni - So greasy! So much from the little pepperonis where the pizza became floppy. Supreme - Same with the pepperoni. Way too greasy. Garlic Knots - I was disappointed with these. They just tasted like lightly buttered bread. Not a pizza place we would come back to.

So this is my second review of this place and again I was tremendously disappointed. This time not by the staff but from the OWNER. Yes, the owner and there will not be a "third times the charm" here. Shortly after my first bad experience the owner of the location (Jason B.) messaged me and said the situation was handled poorly. The owner said the manager working remembered the incident and said they were busy because there was a fund raising event going on (kudos for that). The owner invited me back to really get a chance to experience Flippin' Pizza. He gave me an offer that I accepted. For one, I was glad to see the owner cared enough to reach out and try and make things right by offering a gift card. Second, I was excited to receive it to really be able to enjoy a different pizza. But that is not what happened. After two months, I never received the gift card from the owner. I never received a follow up message on my next experience. I never received anything. Nothing... That is entirely fine. I have come to accept I will never get to taste this pizza. If someone is thinking about messaging me again from Flippin' Pizza, don't even bother. I would not accept another broken promise. And this is my final review of 2016.

Suffice it to say that my recent experience at Flippin' Pizza was less than ideal. The food and service was very disappointing. - The food (pizza) - I made an online order for a half garden, half hawaiian pizza for my family. The toppings were high quality.. bacon, pineapple, broccolini, red peppers and the pizza was pretty large. Great! But what was less than great was: 1) 1/3 of my pizza was missing toppings entirely and was just cheese 2) I paid extra for chicken topping on the half garden side, yet there was no chicken (wasted $1.50) 3) Overall, it tasted fair. - The service - this is where Flippin Pizza could really use improvement. I arrived 5 minutes after the approx 30 min. pickup time. When I arrived, the entire staff was busily working on orders. I walked up to the cash register with no attendant to pick up my order. I waited for some time without any acknowledgement from any of the staff even though I was within arm's reach of a few members. Eventually, the hostess asks how she can help and we proceed with the pickup. She yells my name into the air twice for the pickup. No response. She asks if I would like a receipt and I say yes. She hands me a receipt and proceeds to walk away, but where's my pizza?! So, I ask if my pizza is ready to her back and she turns around and quickly replies "not yet" and turns back around... At this point, I'm not impressed. I wait a few minutes and decide to walk up to the pickup area to ask how long the delay would be. Again, I stand there without acknowledgement. Multiple staff members are passing by me while I stand at the counter. I finally speak up and the guy manning the oven responds and provides me with an updated time. Thank you. I finally received my pizza 50 mins from my order time. - In summary, the only positive thing that I have to say is that the toppings are high quality (albeit topping evenness definitely needs work). The pizza was fair, but missing toppings that I paid for and almost double the quoted wait time. The service was poor and could definitely use improvement with a greeting, sincerity, and better communication. I get being slammed (in my younger days, I did food service), but a simple greeting and acknowledgment, explanation, and an approximate timeline would have sufficed. Hopefully, Flippin' Pizza will be able to turn things around, but for now, I think that I'm going to get my pizza elsewhere for now. Good luck Flippin' Pizza.

It's been to hard to find good pizza on the west coast, but I love coming here! I went in last night to pick up my order, and these guys were slammed. It was a Friday night so it's to be expected, but with the storm coming in they were very busy. It took a bit for my order to come out, but I know what it's like working in a pizza place on a Friday night, so I didn't get upset over it by any means. Today an employee called to make sure my order was okay, and to apologize for the long wait. I have NEVER had a restaurant call me to check on my order or apologize for the slow service before. I work in customer service, so that was amazing to me. You guys are awesome and I will, of course, keep coming back!

My mom and I decided to finally come in to get a couple of pizzas because of the reviews but the pizza wasn't so great. When we got home, the pizza didn't taste to great and why do they only have one size of pizza? I wouldn't mind paying for expensive pizza if it was actually good but unfortunately it wasn't good. Plus they charge $2 extra per topping that you want on the plain pizza. Go somewhere else for pizza. Wouldn't recommend coming here. Don't know how they have so many 4 to 5 star reviews.

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