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Mama Mia Pizza San Diego

3839 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 400-4900

I love this place. First time having pizza from here but it was so good! I had the veggie supreme with pineapple and jalapeño. No cheese and extra sauce. :) so yummy I'm very happy. I ordered from eat 24.. & they got here 15 minutes before it was scheduled which I will not complain about. Good pizza. It's not everyday I order pizza but like I said I'm very happy

The pizza is good but their service is terrible. I ordered delivery which took an hour to arrive, but I received the wrong pizza. When I called back they said they would send me the correct pizza but I had to return the incorrect pizza. I told them I couldn't do that because I was eating the incorrect pizza because I was hungry and didn't want to wait another hour for the right pizza. They ended up sending me the right pizza much later, rather than give me a refund. But what I don't understand is why they would request me to send back the original pizza? I mean, what could you possibly do with a pizza that was already delivered to someone and would have been sitting there for an hour before the driver came back to replace it with the new pizza? If I was eating in the restaurant maybe I would understand, but this makes me think that they reuse the pizzas they accidentally make incorrectly which is gross. Either that or they just don't want me to get 2 pizzas for the price of one, even if one of the pizzas isn't what I wanted? On top of that, speaking to whoever was on the phone was really difficult because she didn't speak English well. I hate to be that person but she made no effort to accommodate for her lack of English. She frequently spoke over me as I was trying to explain what my problem was, to the point that it took me several tried before she finally stopped trying to guess what my problem was and understood what I was saying to her. The only reason they are getting 2 stars is because I really did enjoy the pizza once I actually got it...

Terrible pizza, worse than frozen pizza. I do not recommend at all. There was very little cheese on the pizza and the pizza was not tasty at all. My friend and I did not like it at all. It was also cold when it got to us. I have no idea who is rating that their pizza is good, it is really not good. I'd rather have frozen pizza.

Ordered for chicken wings and bbq special chicken pizza .i cant explain how bad are wings .1 star rating for chicken wings .waste of money

I wish there was a way to give this resturant ten stars!! Words can't describe what a true and amazing food & service excellence this resturant holds up too. I had the ribs...yes I know strange choice from a pizza parlor but they were what heaven tasted liked. Cooked to perfect and the sauce was to die for people! If you don't know where to spend a night out for dinner or lunch this hidden gem in the Mission is worth your time.

After reading some of the reviews on this place I really wanted it to be good. But I was dissapointed. I ordered a double order of wings and a Suprime pizza. I had a special note for the wings to have the buffalo sauce on the side. Anthough the wings were good they came with no sauce at all and my pizza was a mess . It looked like a half and half and it was cold. You dropped the ball Mama Mia...

This pizza is good! I like how they only charge $1.50 for delivery. They also deliver to Daly City which makes that awesome so I don't have to run the hassle of going all the way over there. The large pizza was huge and for the price it serves a pretty good amount. Pizza was delicious!

The raviolis with pesto are the best! Totally recommend. The girl at the phone is super sweet and very kind, and the delivery service super fast. I love this pizza place, it never disappoint me.

We ordered pepperoni pizza, wings, jalapeño poppers, fried ravioli and caesar salad. The pizza was bad but the wings were worse. would never order from here again. Even the caesar salad was bad

In this town, it seems like every chance to try a new pizza place is a chance to be newly disappointed. The sauce might have come out of a can, if it's lucky; it has no character whatsoever, neither sweet nor spicy nor tangy. The crust tastes like bread, and is neither crisp on the outside nor light on the inside-it's uniformly doughy and mediocre throughout. The cheese is an unbroken glop that coats the pizza, and has no "bite" at all. The overall effect is one of no character; it's hard to imagine a more nondescript dish. Doesn't even measure up to Round Table, the McDonald's of pizza. Sigh. I must keep looking.

Good pizza, great prices and right next to the pub. Basically everything you would want from a neighborhood pizza spot.

Ordered: Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, onions rings and wings. Some of my favorite junk foods and would never imagine to mess it up that bad for me. YUCK. Everything tastes like you can get it from a hospital cafeteria, tasted so generic. You'd be better off starving or having a lunchables. 2 stars because of the nice people and fast delivery.

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