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Mesa Pizza San Diego

7604 Linda Vista Rd
Ste 121
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 569-7600

We have found this hidden gem of a place when we moved into the area a year ago. Right next to T-Mobile, where K-sandwiches used to be. $5 one topping pizza, and then some. Much better that Little Caesar's Pizza who has the $5 dollar pizza's that have been sitting there for so long... This place is fresh, simple and honest. We have ordered from here at least once a month when the kids have friend over for sleepovers because its cheap enough for each kid to get their own or share. On another note, tonight is the first time there was an error. They got one pizza wrong, we called and they were AWESOME in their response. They corrected the pizza and complimented us with a cheesy bread. Quite simple: Simple cost, simple pizza, great quality and customer service.

Lunch time! And, I am in the area. I did not pack a lunch for my excursion, so I have to buy lunch. Luckily for me, $2.99 plus tax for 2 slices of pizza and a soda. I don't drink soda, so I asked for bottle of water. The lady at the counter said no problem. Happy me! I asked about the type of pizza I could choose from, and she said there was only pepperoni available. Not a problem for me, although I wish there would have been more choices. She heated up the 2 slices in the oven which took about 5 minutes. As I walked outside with my box of 2 slices and a bottle of water. I noticed there were tables all around. In the sunny sun, or shaded area. Please see pics. Overall, I had a positive experience enough for 4 stars. The taste of the pizzas, and the service was good. The lady at the counter was pleasant and friendly. The kitchen, from what I could see was very clean. That definitely receives 5 stars in my book. I like the fact that there was outside seating...even though they do not provide a restroom to their patrons. (I had to use the laundry mats) Thank you. I'll be back.

Delicious pizza for 5 bucks enough said. They use fresh dough and good cheese on their pizza. Beats any of the corporate pizza locations with 100 different fillers in their dough. They are always super friendly and owner she is a gem. Always a welcoming smile and great attitude. Thanks

This is an upgraded Little Caesar's in terms of pizza quality. Service has been good every time I've gone-just understand what you're getting and you'll be satisfied :)

You honestly can't beat the prices here. Great pizza great price. I'll definitely be back.

Great pizza for $5 ! They also have really good garlic bread and Lunch special. 2 slices of pizza and a can soda for only $3. Nothing beats that. Great customer service.

Great pizza and for a great price. They are quick and fast and I just love coming here to get a pizza on my way home from work. Thanks Mesa Pizza.

Came here because I had a local flavor deal for this place. The lady who took my order was very bothered I had a deal. If you don't like accepting the deals you shouldn't offer them. The prices are very good even without a deal. The pizza is good if you don't expect much. I loved the cheap breadsticks. Remember you are getting what you pay for. I would definitely revisit but I wish the service was better.

the best place ever, sorry, "in my opinion guys". The price is affordable & the taste is amazing. I usually call to order w I get in my car, once I be there, it's ready for me.

Although the food is good and you can't beat the price, the service my boyfriend and I received was horrible. I called ahead and ordered the Blockbuster Deal. I asked for a pepperoni pizza, and ranch for the bread sticks. The guy on the phone told me it would be $9 something, asked for my name, and hung up. When my boyfriend went to pick up the pizza, no one had written my order down anywhere and they had only cooked the pizza. They then told my boyfriend he was lying, that I never ordered the Blockbuster Deal. No apology, just that my boyfriend is a liar. Seriously rude. Good food doesn't make up for horrible customer service.

Our pizza was excellent.. Cooked well, generous toppings, not super greasy, not uber saucy and tasted great! Breadsticks were also really good and well seasoned, not too garlic-y like some pizza places. We ordered and picked up the pizza in 10 minutes & food was still hot by the time we got home. It's not gourmet pizza but I would say it tasted a little better than Mr. Gatti's/little ceasers.

Really great pizza... And only $5 can't beat that. I normally don't eat cheap pizza but this pizza is Sooo good. Better then any chain. Staff is really friendly and nice. Cute place to chill and grab a slice. Outdoor seating. central location.

In spite of some of the reviews here, I've received excellent service each time I come. We order from here about once a week and I think they know me when I call. The price for what you get is excellent, they have a few different pizza offerings that cater to the community you can't find anywhere else, and we drive a little bit further to eat here. Next best thing is Costco for price vs value. They deserve your business!

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