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10330 Friars Rd
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San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 281-3511

I can always depend on Filippis on making me a very good Capicola with Provolone sandwich which is one of my favorite thing to order when I come a visiting. I ordered the said sandwich hot to go. After my bite, I was like, "yep, this is it." The Capicola had that nice saltiness with its edges providing a bit of spiciness. I really like that Corsican/Italian pork cold cut. I would have to say that I remember that this sandwich definitely came with more Provolone cheese from other location. The sandwich came with that finely shredded lettuce that Filippis is known for, fresh tomatoes, and a few thinly trimmed onions. The white Italian crusty roll the sandwich came was quite good. It probably needed just a little more time in the oven for it to warm up thoroughly, but it did have that crusty exterior and soft inner center. Oh yes, if you get this sandwich you can get with with oil and vinegar or not, but I recommend it. Filippi's, definitely a San Diego treasure.

Good Food, Horrible Service. As the host casually walked us to our seats saying "Honestly, it's a free country you can sit wherever you want", I knew this was going to be a bad experience. He followed this by brushing food off the tables instead of wiping it down. Here is a list of things that shouldn't have occurred during dinner: dirty plate brought to us, refilling drinks with another beverage than we ordered, staff lounging around as guests are waiting at their tables, awful sewage smell that would come andstaff being loud and airing out their shift concerns to manager on duty (who was drinking), no music playing - only a complaint due to being able to hear the staff. Filippi's has great food, our salad and pizza were just as good as the other locations we've tried but avoid yourself a headache and night of drama and drive to another location.

We came here the other evening around 5:30pm to celebrate a family member's birthday. The place got super packed in a hurry... the person that planned the party made reservations in advance, so seating was not an issue. I figured since the place was so packed and had a lively vibe that the pizza had to be good. I love pizza... it's one of my favorite things to eat. I've tried pizza all over the San Diego and even in other cities around the United States. Some of my favorite spots in SD are: Bronx, Luigi's, Lefty's, Woodstock, to name a few. Several different pizzas were ordered: pepperoni, cheese, and Margherita. They seemed to pile on a lot of cheese on their pizzas. The cheese muted out the other ingredients and the sauce isn't very favorful, so all the pizzas tasted overly cheesy and nothing to write home about. I really wanted to like the pizza, but it was just okay. A family friend ordered some pasta... she said it was just okay. She told me that you can find more authentic Italian food at other spots in SD. She told me Filippi's serves a fair amount of Americanized Italian food. I'm no expert, but I'll take her word for it because she is part Italian, does a lot of cooking at home (Italian dishes), and dines out quite a bit. Service was on point and very good. All the servers that helped our party were attentive and friendly. Food came out in a timely manner even with how busy it got. They immediately replaced a salad that wasn't properly prepared after it was pointed out. 4 / 5 - Service 4 / 5 - Atmosphere 3 / 5 - Pizzas 3 / 5 - Pasta 3 / 5 - Salad 3 / 5 - Overall

Went to eat for a work lunch today. The food was delicious, the service was not so great. Our server Cindy seemed to have no patience. She was upset when we asked as we walked in if separate bills were ok.her response was that she could but would rather not. When drinks came, she got 5 out 10 right, we didn't say anything because we didn't want to upset her more. We asked for straws and she tossed them at one person in our group. During payment, she confused the bills and tossed her arms in the air " I don't know" Food was 5 stars Service was 1 star So I gave 3 stars. I actually really like eating at Filippis Pizza Grotto and have come here many times. However, I would recommend going to another location or ordering to go. Overall, I am bummed because it's easy to come here during lunch or right after work for dinner and the food is wonderful but I doubt I'll return to this location

A big shout out to Filippi's for having our group of 16 today. We had to change our reservations last minute and they were super accommodating!! Lori, our server was very attentive and was a huge help with our diverse needs. The food was fantastic...fresh and delish!!!

Our family loves Filippis! Filippis if our go to family restaurant. Usually we order pizza for take out. Sometimes we splurge and add an antipasto salad, lasagna, or raviolis. The food is consistently made good and customer service is always on target. When we dine in, they usually have dough balls for the kids to entertain themselves with until dinner is served. I always want to order the lasagna with meat sauce and an extra meat ball. The kids will eat anything from Filippis.

Cindy!! She is always on top of it. I've been going for lunch there for about a year since I work down the street and can walk. I've been alone, with co-workers, The Hubbs, and she is always fantastic!

Now that my favorite pizza place in La Mesa closed I've started coming here and I don't regret it. The service has been impeccable and on my most recent visit, Danielle was the best server I think I've ever had (and I don't even know her) She made my wife and I feel like family and was on top of everything from the moments we sat down. Great food, price and the best service - you can't ask or expect anything more.

Let me start by saying I love Filippi's pizza. It's been my favorite for most of my life. I've always enjoyed the food. Enough that I can overlook the sometimes rundown and drab interiors of their restaurants. I've even gone so far as to visit most of their locations. Even the one in Napa. However I recently visited my local Filippi's and was disgusted to see the air conditioning intakes over the dining area crusted with a layer of dust so thick that it was probably causing the system to work major overtime to keep up. Honestly I don't see how air was even able to flow through the vent. I really enjoy the Filippi's recipes, but I can't visit this location again until some house cleaning is done.

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