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Z Pizza San Diego

10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd
San Diego, CA 92131
(858) 689-9449

This is probably some of the best pizza I've ever had. First time trying this place after moving to the area yesterday. I wasn't in the mood to cook or get the groceries I so desperately need. So instead I ordered delivery. I ordered the Berkeley vegan pizza which is so freaking amazing!! I'm not vegan by any means, but I definitely enjoyed this. And I was not expecting the salad to be such a large portion. No complaining though! I'm a girl who loves some leftovers. I will be ordering from here again to try some of the other pizzas!

This is the worst Pizza I've ever had! I tried the pepperoni pizza and it had a funny taste. The pepperoni did not taste fresh and had an aftertaste. There was hardly any cheese or sauce on it. The only thing good about this pizza was the crust. At $7 for 2 slices and a drink, it is overpriced.

Great Pizza, but stay away from the salads, I have ordered 2 chicken salads from here on different occasions and on both occasions I found a fly !!! in my salad! a FLY!

I asked Sam to recreate one of my favorite pizzas from a local pizza place in Seattle. Sam was so accommodating and did an amazing job creating a custom pie to my exact specifications. It turned out perfectly and I enjoyed every bite! Thanks Sam. I'll definitely be back soon. Yum yum yum! Regular crust Olive oil (no tomato sauce) Roasted mushrooms Roasted garlic Kalamata olives Fontina cheese Mozzarella cheese Goat cheese Finished with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh parsley after cooking.

So this place has been hit and miss over the last 2 years. Service has never really been great and food it totally hit and miss I love that they have GF crust. I either create my own or do a cheese and get pesto on the side, so yummy. Now I've had instances where my pizza had been so over cooked it was way too hard to eat and I've also gotten wings that were under cooked, we pretty much stopped coming here after that.

This pizza joint is the business!! Thanks Hannah for understanding and giving me the right order even though I didn't know that I have ordered the wrong Hawaiian pizza with BBQ sauce and sent me the one without BBQ sauce that is the spicy Hawaiian pizza. I'll return like I have in he past.

I moved to scripps ranch a few months ago and this has been my go-to for pizza and salads since I have been living here. They are on point with their orders and timely with delivery. Highly recommended for your pizza needs!

Very good pizza and always fast delivery. Only negative is that the pizzas are especially expensive if you don't use a coupon and they don't carry white onions.

My bf and I each ordered the 2 slices and a drink for $7. The slices are small for the price and the pizza was actually nasty. We were simple with it and got do you mess up pepperoni pizza? Something is just off about the taste. The sauce taste funny. And the pizza was hard. FYI: my bf will eat anything, he is like a garbage disposal, even things I think are horrible. But for this pizza, he was disgusted and actually kept bugging me to write a review...says a lot.

We ordered the meatball sub and 2 slices of pizza. My don wanted cheese but it wasn't cooked already. They made him a fresh one and he loved it. The sub was very good. The bread was tasty on the outside and nice and chewy inside. The meatballs were very tasty! Will be coming back the next time we visit!

I like this place because everything seems fresh. It's nothing like pizza hut, domino's, or papa John's it's way better. It is a bit pricey, but very worth it. I love their bbq chicken pizza, it is amazing!!!

I have a favorite pizza back in Chicago, where I'm from, and I've been searching for 6 years for a pizza that remotely compares.IVE FOUND IT! ZPizza is my absolutely favorite in San Diego! You can tell that it's fresh and organic and although it's still pizza I feel a little less guilty about it hahaha! If you have a taste for pizza run don't walk to your phone and order it!

Shout out to the great customer service from Yaroslav that delivered my pizza! I was having a rough night and he made an exceptional impression on his customer service. High five to Z Pizza because they're doing something right!

Really wanted to like this place as they offer organic and vegan options. Even though I am not vegan I like to incorporate vegan meals into my diet and have vegan family and friends. Pros 1. I ordered delivery and it was very easy to order online and delivery was fast. 2. They offer whole wheat crust and the crust was perfect for me. Little crispy on the outside and a little doughy/chewy which I love. For a whole wheat crust it is my favorite I have ever had. Cons 1. I ordered a small Provence pizza. Their tomato sauce (it is organic-that's a pro) needs serious improvement. Very bland. No matter how great everything else is you can't have good pizza without good sauce. And it's so easy to do. Fix it!! I'd be able to order pizza from here you did. 2. I ordered an antipasto salad and it was greatly disappointing. Two ingredients listed online in the description were not included. See photos...ZERO heirloom tomatoes (or any tomatoes for that matter) and ZERO fresh basil. Also, the Italian dressing tasted like it came straight out of a Kraft bottle. Artificial and disgusting. Thankfully, it looked bad to me so I tasted it before pouring it on my salad. If you are offering whole wheat, vegan, and organic options you are obviously trying to serve a health conscious crowd...your salads need to be on point, including fresh, or at least good dressings. Probably won't try again. Very unfortunate as they are one of VERY few delivery options near me.

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