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Restaurants in San Diego with a View

With more than 70-miles of coastline, it's no surprise San Diego is sprinkled with many spectacular spots for waterfront dining. From the Pacific Ocean to San Diego Bay, hundreds of restaurants offer memorable meals just steps from the shore. Here are some of the local favorites, known for their cuisine and exceptional views.

At San Diego's Embarcadero you'll find a bounty of bayfront restaurants waiting to be explored. In the center of Seaport Village in the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, Sally's Seafood on the Water lives up to its name with outdoor tables overlooking the marina and a menu that ranges from sushi to ceviche and beyond. Just a few blocks north, you'll find the Fish Market, where the daily catch is char-grilled and oysters are served on a deck suspended above the water with a backdrop of sailboats. Or, get the ultimate view out on the water with a sunset cruise dinner aboard the Hornblower or Flagship boats.

On the other side of the bay from the Embarcadero, Shelter and Harbor Islands are home to their own waterfront icons where mid-century cool still rules. On Shelter Island, the 1960s hot spot, Bali Hai Restaurant, still celebrates tiki culture, and its chic renovation has further elevated its appeal as a perfect spot for Mai Tais and South Seas cuisine like coconut shrimp pupus, ahi poke and fresh catch. Diners can arrive in style by boat and dock right by Bali Hai. Vessel is the mod restaurant at Kona Kai Resort that offers up views of the yacht-dotted harbor and cliff-side mansions on Point Loma. The menu features fun small plates and handcrafted cocktails, and live music and underwater images on giant video screens add to the scene. Retro cool Island Prime - C Level Lounge and sister restaurant Coasterra on Harbor Island, also makes the most of its location with floor-to-ceiling windows and an over-the-water patio where it's hard not to be distracted from your spicy steak salad and lobster mac 'n cheese by all the sleek yachts and water play fun. Humphreys offers inventive appetizers, fresh seafood and steaks with great views and nightly entertainment both at the BackStage Live Music Club and Humphreys Concerts by the Bay.

Just steps from Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, JRDN offers a modern twist on waterfront dining. Here, overlooking the ocean waves, contemporary cuisine is paired with a cool vibe in a room filled with motion and music. The restaurant boasts an undulating wall, highlighted by colorful spotlights and an open-air patio separated from the beach by panes of glass where diners nosh on seafood and steaks while sipping colorful cocktails and watching the sun set. At Oceana Coastal Kitchen at the Catamaran Resort & Spa, alfresco dining and a seafood-centric menu await. Enjoy sushi, crabcakes, braised scallops and more, while watching the stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers glide across Mission Bay.

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