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If there’s one thing we know, it’s food! San Diego is a culinary hotspot known for its fresh seafood, Mexican influences and support of local farms. With so many dining options and an arsenal of award-winning chefs in the city, San Diego has become a playground for food lovers and the culinary curious alike.

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San Diego isn’t just stomping grounds for chefs and sommeliers. From its beautiful coastline and radiant beaches to its historic museums and parks, San Diego has so much to offer!

Wine and Food Festival San Diego Bay San Diego Zoo ImageBeaches
In San Diego, the beach is a way of life, a source of pride and joy, a defining influence in people's lives. For some, the mere memory of a mid-summer sunset melting into the Pacific is reward enough. Others have a more intimate relationship with the sea: surfing and sailing, biking and running, swimming and diving along San Diego's many coastal beaches and bays. Whether you're a first-time visitor or life-long resident, we encourage you to enjoy the beach for a memorable and carefree time.

Balboa Park
As the largest urban cultural park in North America and one of San Diego's popular tourist attractions, Balboa Park contains 16 museums, 16 gardens and eight attractions and venues. It also hosts over 85 cultural and recreational organizations here, including fifteen museums and various performing arts groups, like the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theatre and the world-famous Old Globe Theatre, which presents at least 14 productions and 550 performances a year. Covering a vast 1, 200 acres, Balboa Park is minutes away from downtown San Diego.

Old Town
Known as the birthplace of California, Old Town San Diego teems with a lively, authentic atmosphere, not to mention great Mexican food and souvenirs. Visitors who come to Old Town to see the sights often make a day of it when they discover the wonderful shops and excellent restaurants in Bazaar Del Mundo. Old Town San Diego is also a departure point for the Old Town Trolley Tours, which offers a fun, often humorous, sightseeing tour of San Diego. And, be sure not to miss the Whaley House, which tops Travel Channel's American's Most Haunted list.

Wine and Food Festival San Diego Bay San Diego Zoo Safari Park ImageThe Gaslamp
As San Diego's premier shopping, dining and nightlife destination, the Gaslamp Quarter is home to the region’s most diverse restaurants, retailers and entertainment venues. With over 100 restaurants and entertainment venues and more than 100 boutiques, spas and salons, fine art galleries and artisan shops, the Gaslamp Quarter offers countless opportunities to indulge, entertain and amuse even the most discerning visitor. The district’s 90+ historic buildings creates the breathtaking backdrop for a stroll through Downtown San Diego, or for the GQA's annual special events throughout the year, including Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp, Taste of Gaslamp, Fifth Avenue Auto Showcase, Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade presented by Downtown Ace Hardware and the Poinsettia Bowl Gaslamp March.

Wine and Food Festival San Diego Bay The Big Bay ImageCasinos
San Diego casinos make it possible to enjoy a laid-back beach outing during the day and a Las Vegas-style adventure at night. From blackjack and poker to Pai Gow and progressive slot machines, gaming San Diego-style is the real deal. With world-class entertainment, spas, golf courses and more, you'll never have to leave the casino to get a true San Diego experience. San Diego’s most popular casinos include Barona Casino, Harrah's Rincon Casino and Resort, Pechanga Resort & Casino, Sycuan Casino, Valley View Casino & Hotel, and Viejas Casino & Outlet Center.

Sea World
One of the best and most popular ways to explore the wonders of the sea in San Diego is at SeaWorld. Home of Shamu the orca, SeaWorld has become as synonymous and iconic as San Diego itself. Fun for families and children of all ages, a day spent at SeaWorld is guaranteed to be filled with fun, learning, thrills, chills and much more. From exhilarating rollercoaster rides, inspiring and lively animal shows, up-close encounters with sea animals, and interactive and educational exhibits throughout the park, there is plenty to see and do each time you visit.

Wine and Food Festival San Diego Bay La Jolla ImageSan Diego Zoo
Beloved by San Diegans and tourists alike, the World-Famous San Diego Zoo is a sanctuary for over 4, 000 rare and endangered animals and a collection of rare plants from all climates. It is more than just a zoo, as it is also a sanctuary for thousands of animals, a landscape of rare plants from all climates and a living classroom that entertains as well as educates. The new 7.5-acre multispecies habitat features elephants, California condors, jaguars and more and offers guests insight about the Zoo’s conservation efforts to protect wildlife from becoming extinct like the mammoth and saber-toothed cat.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park
For a new perspective on the wild side of San Diego, try the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Flightline experience and soar 160 feet over the exotic animals and open exhibits. Spend the night with your favorite animals during a "Roar and Snore" sleepover, or jump on the tram and take a ride through the scenic rolling landscapes of the expansive African field enclosures, totaling 213 acres.

LEGOLAND California, Waterpark & SeaLife Aquarium
Located 30 miles north of downtown San Diego, LEGOLAND® California is a 128-acre family theme park nestled in the seaside community of Carlsbad. With over 60 interactive rides, shows and attractions, as well as restaurants, shopping and beautiful landscape features incorporating dazzling statues made entirely of LEGOs, the theme park is specifically geared for families with children ages 2 to 12. In addition to the LEGOLAND theme park, there are two other LEGO-themed parks on the grounds to explore. In the summer, the LEGOLAND Water Park opens to the delight of kids and adults alike. Families can cool off on a warm summer day at the water park on one of their two sandy beach wading areas, or explore the more than 20 LEGO slides. For year-around aquatic fun, visit LEGOLAND’s SEALIFE Aquarium to explore the ocean’s wonders. The Aquarium’s educational and interactive exhibits provide a dynamic and wondrous setting for kids to observe and interact with sea creatures big and small.

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