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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, San Diego, Calif., is the ninth-largest U.S. city, while the San Diego Visitors Bureau claims the city is “one of the top five leisure vacation destinations” in the country. Given the number of residents and tourists, it's no surprise that the city is home to thousands of restaurants. For many visitors, the abundance of eateries can be intimidating, but some stand out from the crowd through their reputation and history.

The Big Kitchen

The Big Kitchen is a breakfast nook located in the little-known neighborhood of South Park. Despite its diminutive size, the restaurant has a massive reputation in and out of the city for its great breakfasts and laid-back vibe. The décor includes posters and photos of hippy-era celebrities who were friends and role models for the restaurant’s owner and chef, Judy Forman. The hip and tasty cafe has been featured on Food Network’s "$40 A Day" and deemed one of the Best Places in America for Breakfast by Bon Appetite magazine, according to its Web site. The Big Kitchen is also where Whoopi Goldberg, who was inspired to start her acting career, in part, by Forman. The Big Kitchen 3003 Grape St. San Diego, CA 619-234-5789 bigkitchencafe.com

Point Loma Seafoods

This San Diego lunch joint started as a fish market in the early 1960s, but its popularity soared when it started serving the hot seafood lunches originally reserved for employees only. Nowadays, the menu has expanded to include seafood favorites, salads, sandwiches, fish cocktails, sushi and fried treats. Although the restaurant is only open for lunch and early dinner, closing at 6:30 p.m., it remains a San Diego landmark and also made it onto Food Network's "$40 A Day." Point Loma Seafoods 2805 Emerson St. San Diego, CA 92106 619-223-1109 pointlomaseafoods.com

El Indio

In business since 1940, El Indio is not only one of San Diego’s oldest Mexican food restaurants, it is also responsible for the Mexican-American culinary creation of taquitos, sometimes called rolled tacos, boasts its Web site. The casual eatery serves simple food in a relaxed atmosphere for a budget-friendly price, earning it a strong reputation and a profile as a hotspot in Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” on the Food Network. El Indio 3695 India St. San Diego, CA 92103 619-299-0333 el-indio.com

Extraordinary Desserts

Extraordinary Desserts is a San Diego institution specializing solely in an ever-changing menu of sweets that are baked fresh daily. The rich delicacies prepared by owner and chef Karen Krasne are hailed as some of the best desserts in San Diego and, according to its Web site, the shop has won at least one award for its cakes, pastries and other treats from local publications every year since 1992. Its national awards include “Best of Citysearch Desserts” in 2008 and “Best Restaurants Poll Award” from Gourmet Magazine in 2005. While a little on the expensive side, Extraordinary Desserts offers an upscale atmosphere and food presentation that includes gold flakes and orchids on the plates, so few patrons will mind. Extraordinary Desserts 2929 Fifth Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 619-294-2132 extraordinarydesserts.com

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