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San Diego Kosher Restaurants

Brand new to San Diego is kosher restaurant, , which opened earlier this week.

According to Great Kosher Restaurants:

The Grille is a casual and modern restaurant with an international flavor, bringing you the best from Mexico, Israel, Turkey, China, Japan, and Italy.

They offer mouthwatering dishes that include gourmet hamburgers, fresh salads, fish platters, and best of all; a kid-friendly menu. The fresh ingredients and the variety of cuisines from around the world, makes The Grille a unique and favorable eatery among all.

The restaurant aims to have a clean and relaxed atmosphere with a very loyal staff servicing your every need with a smile. The Grille offers lunch and dinner specials; reservations are suggested during those times.

The restaurant is Glatt Kosher under the rabbinical supervision of The Vaad Harabonim of San Diego.

In addition to the restaurant, they have a bakery, kosher market, and a candy shop, all under one roof.

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