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San Diegos Best Restaurants

San Diego’s culinary scene is a reflection of the incredible bounty of fresh local ingredients available year-round in the region. Chefs continuously outdo themselves in creating imaginative, sublimely satisfying meals using local fruits, vegetables, and seafood fresh from the ocean.

Many of the region’s innovative restaurants and bars are located in scenic neighborhoods. La Jolla is a magnet for talented chefs; downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter is packed with restaurants of all types; Little Italy, true to its name, offers an incredible variety of authentic Italian cuisine; North and South Park are home to innovative chefs constantly seeking a new twist on a standard dish; chefs in Hillcrest prepare Thai, Indian, American and Mediterranean fare. Old Town is home to Mexican restaurants serving gourmet regional cuisine, and Coronado and San Diego’s coastal beach communities serve up their own style of delicious entrees, from fish tacos to gourmet delights- all of which can be enjoyed while watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

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