The Marine Room, La Jolla

Best Restaurants in La Jolla San Diego

Del Mar may be small in size but restaurant choices are big. Most of the restaurants do a great job of maximizing ocean breezes and casual beach vibe. A majority of these restaurants have been local institutions for years.

On the east side of the freeway near affluent Rancho Santa Fe, Market Restaurant and Bar earns consistently positive reviews for chef creativity, outstanding seasonal cuisine and top notch customer service. Guests love the complimentary amuse bouche, sushi and other favorites.

On the totally other end of the spectrum, go for a solid sandwich to take to the beach or eat on a sun-soaked patio at Board and Brew, which has been around since the 1970s. The sandwich menu (and secret sauce) is such a winner that it hasn't changed much over the years, other than the addition of craft beer... and who can argue with that?

For a beachfront meal, try Jake's Del Mar. In addition to the interior (now appropriately coastal-themed), they also renovated the menu to include favorites like ahi tacos, the Jake's bistro burger and, of course, the famous Hula pie.

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