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San Diego Gaslamp District Restaurants

You can spend an entire day in the Gaslamp Quarter, shopping at one of the many trendy boutiques, that line the busy streets, or in the multi-level outdoor mall.

You’ll find every type of cuisine in the Gaslamp Quarter and options are plentiful for al fresco dining, on the sidewalks of this dynamic and cosmopolitan district, , or in an intimate and ornately designed fine dining restaurant. San Diego craft beer is also readily found in restaurants and pubs, and at stand-alone shops like Karl Strauss and Monkey Paw Brewery. For, try Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor a fairly-tale like .

, located on the edge of downtown, is a great place to take in a baseball game. Here you can enjoy the game in sophisticated style in the Western Metal Building lounges, or take in the innings from The Park in the Park ball field with your kids. Not only is the park a great spot to watch a game, but you’ll also find some of San Diego’s and .

Fun with the family continues as you discover the colorful past of the former Stingaree District at the, explore the whimsical and educational exhibitions at the, climb aboard the, ride the carousel and visit the candy store in or catch the Trolley for a quick ride to and the .

Under the sparkling night sky on a cool California evening, the Gaslamp Quarter transforms into a sophisticated cosmopolitan playground as thousands come out in style for a night of fine dining, craft cocktails, live theatre, music and dancing.

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