Triple D Restaurants in San Diego

With sunshine and coastline, San Diego could easily be forgiven if it were a lazy food city, but it certainly is not. The city’s exceptional produce and proximity to Mexico mean excellent salads and burritos, but there is a rapidly expanding food scene in San Diego. Restaurants all over the city are pushing to make it a restaurant scene to beat, highlighting international cuisines, featuring renowned chefs, supporting local makers and more. Best of all, many offer outdoor dining options. Photography courtesy of The Crack Shack

Beach Eat: Swami’s

This daytime cafe with an expansive menu of very San Diegan eats has expanded to nine locations around the county, but the original is the one to beat. In fact, the whole chain is named for the surf spot located across the street from the Highway 101 Encinitas location. Sunday brunch typically means a line, but once diners make it to the counter to order, they’re rewarded with breakfast burritos, acai bowls or veggie hash, best eaten at one of the coveted outside tables. Coffee is self-serve and available to go; it's perfect to take on a stroll along the beach. Photography courtesy of Mandy Schaffer

Fast Casual: The Crack Shack

The team from Juniper & Ivy conceptualized and opened The Crack Shack in a former mechanic shop in Little Italy. The all-day menu is an homage to chicken and eggs, and the team aspires to push back against what it has deemed the disrespect of the two ingredients, from farm to table. Fried chicken is the way to go. Made with grain-fed chickens, it’s juicy and served with masterful sides like a bitey kale and kimchi coleslaw. Deviled eggs are taken from Grandma’s favorite to gastronomic masterpiece here, served with kimchi or chicken salad or served Baja style. The menu is accessible and affordable, there’s a bocce court, and there’s a full bar, so make an event of it. Photography courtesy of The Crack Shack

Pizza: Regents Pizzeria

When a pizza place imports ovens and dough mixers from Italy to ensure the best possible crust — one that perfectly balances chew and crunch — you know they mean business. Regents offers both Chicago- and New York-style pizza whole or by the slice. The Chicago-style Popeye is a deep-dish wonder with two layers of chewy dough and a cascade of artichoke hearts, ricotta and spinach. There are also burgers, salads and appetizers for those who want more than pizza. Pizzas may nod to far-flung cities, but in true San Diego fashion, Trilogy offers ample choices when it comes to local craft beer. Photography courtesy of Regents Pizzeria

Burritos: Roberto’s Mexican Food

San Diego’s proximity to Tijuana and wealth of cooks with considerable talent mean you can’t drive more than 10 minutes without hitting a good taco or burrito shop. Roberto’s Mexican Food has four locations in coastal North County. Its sister restaurant chain, Roberto’s Taco Shop, was San Diego’s first walk-up taco shop 50 years ago, and both Roberto’s chainlets have been in the family ever since. Carne asada anything is the way to go, but burritos, tacos and enchiladas of many varieties are served all day. The Del Mar location offers an ocean view, but all are uncompromising in quality. With a kids menu and options for most dietary requirements, it’s cheap eating for just about everyone. Photography courtesy of Mandy Schaffer

Fine Dining: Juniper & Ivy

There are no white tablecloths in this huge, high-ceilinged restaurant, but it’s unmistakably fine dining. Chef Richard Blais won Bravo’s Top Chef All-Stars and trained at Chez Panisse and El Bulli, among other top-tier culinary temples. He and the rest of the team craft an ever-changing menu of uniquely Californian fine dining. Sharing is the way to go, with an a la carte menu that includes appetizers like foie gras twinkies and crab churros. Indulgent small plates play with seasonal produce, including baked Honeycrisp apples or barbecued carrots with jalapeno chimichurri, peanuts and apricot. Molecular gastronomic touches — foam potatoes or sous-vide wagyu — pepper the menu, rather than overwhelm it. This is fine dining that’s approachable and exciting. Photography courtesy of Mandy Schaffer

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