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We order here all the time from the Yelp Eat24 site. Really reliable, reasonable prices. Amazing comfort food, and comes piping hot everytime! Great pastas.

These people are usually good. Unfortunately, they are one of the higher end restaurants in forest hills. After my experience today I am convinced I will have to cook my own meals because everyone else sucks. I asked for no peppers no onions and no black olives Instead I got a ton of peppers and the bottom of the lettuce. I MEAN THE ENTIRE BOTTOM PART OF THE LETTUCE, THE PIECE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE CUT OFF AND THROWN IN THE GARBAGEEEEE #annoyed

I've been in search for a good chicken parm hero in the area, so I decided to try it here. I ordered delivery, which had a reasonable $10 minimum. The food arrived fairly quickly and was still steaming hot, which is always a good sign. It had a reasonable amount of meat in it, but the bread was a bit soggy and overall was just decent in flavor. I think I will continue my search for the best Forest Hills chicken parm hero, but may get this one again in a pinch.

Me and my friend came here two days ago. We were waiting to be approached because we wanted to order. Another man came in and he got his order in before us even though me and my friend were waiting there. The man realizes this and says something and the pizza guy says "na dont worry about it they still havent decided" even though ME AND MY FRIEND WERE WAITING THERE. I used to choose this place over J&D but guess im going to have to switch sides.

The pizza is good here. The staff is also friendly. The flavor of the pizza is great. They put basil under their cheese so it makes the flavor tasty. The only thing that disappoints me is that the pizza is a little soggy. They need to find a way to get the crust more crispy and that'll make it a lot better!

We ordered a large Special Pizza, and IT WAS. Lots of fresh peppers, red and green, onions, spinach, sausage and pepperoni. Perfect amount of cheese to handle all that, and crust handled it too. It was not all mush when we got it!

Their slices have a generous amount of cheese and sauce on them. Sauce had a good taste and seasoning in it as well. Definitely above average authentic NYC pizza. This place gets a solid 3.5 stars in my book.

I tried the chicken parm sangawich and boy, it was really good. Since that visit, I've been here 5 more times for the same thing. I'm hooked. Oh yea, the pizzas not bad either. I recommend.

The worst thing I ever tasted! I order a chicken parm hero. The sauce was as sour as a lemon, the chicken was like rubber and they didn't even bother to melt the cheese. 1 bite and the whole thing went in the garbage. They deserve NO stars.

Great pizza spot with an abundant menu . Came here on my lunch break a few times . The prices are also fair . The staff are very nice and pleasant people . Very clean, and awesome customer service . A+++

A must when I visit my brother. We had the large cheese and also two slices of the Grandma Pizza. Authentic NY Pizza.

So I ordered a combo through Seamless and it came with a large 18" cheese pie, 10 wings, 2Liter Coke and 6piece garlic knots. It came up to $25 and for the price, it's a good deal. However, everything does taste meh. It's not anywhere near a decent NY slice and the wings and garlic knots looked terrible. Unfornately, it's not the worst pizza I've had but I wouldn't recommend them and nor would I order from them again.

This is such a disappointment I order tortellini with Alfredo and fry egg plant ant this is what they sent saggy old eggplant and no flavor Alfredo sauce for 14$ I did not expect it to come from Italy but at least have some kind of quality control

the pizza i've had here is solid. i recently ordered a chicken dish and it was bland and oily. the marinara sauce i got on my side dish of pasta left a bad taste in my mouth. i got a discount on the food and it still wasnt worth it

if you want a good NY pizza, come here! they're the real deal. some of the workers have been there ever since i was little and now i'm all grown up and i enjoy seeing the same faces around. i usually get a regular plain cheese slice and a pepperoni wheel. their chicken francese is pretty good and penne a la vodka. in the summer time, i love getting their italian ice to keep it cool.

Like everyone else who reviewed this place in the last two days, I am also calling them liars, cheats and rude. I ordered via GrubHub about 6:10 or so. The order went through fine. Please keep in mind any restaurant is able to adjust if they deliver via GrubHub, depending on any factor they want. My order arrived close to 8:00. The delivery driver could not find the house and we went out to him. He said nothing and took our money, including the extra tip we gave him in cash. Some of what we ordered was missing. I called the restaurant, and was told the driver was supposed to give me the money for the missing food. I argued with the guy who said he was the owner, and eventually hung up. GrubHub couldn't get him on the phone just a few minutes later. Suspicious, isn't it? Also, please keep in mind that he would have my number so he could have called me. Do not patronize these guys, and urge seamless, GrubHub and all online delivery services to give them a black mark.

I ordered from Seamless Web on 1/23. This was when the northeast snowstorm was going on. I will just paste the body of my e-mail to Seamless below. I highly recommend not ordering from here. They are liars, they are rude, and I don't know how the food tastes because I never received it. There are enough good pizza places in NYC and Forest Hills / Rego Park to not give your money to these folks. I would recommend, Nick's ( Lillian ( or Dante's ( all of which have much better Yelp Reviews. - Let me first say that I understand that the snowstorm is creating a tremendous burden on Seamless/Grub Hub, and creating a difficult customer service environment for both your company and the numerous restaurants that operate on the platform. And because I understand that, I think I took a number of steps to...

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