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Little Caesars Pizza San Diego, CA

4310 Genesee
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 571-7700

One of your best Little Ceasers in town. I never had to wait for a typical pepperoni Hot and Ready. Others I always had too. For some reason they make the best "crazy bread." I would say my go to is little ceasers so I have tried many different locations. And their crazy bread is a lot bigger and fresh! The customer service is friendly. I will definitely come to this location more often!!

I have only been to Little Caesars maybe twice in my life and those two times happen to be at this location. I already know at the price point to not expect the most gourmet pizza in the world and judge fairly based on that. Taste wise the food was actually better than I expected based on what I have heard. That being said, I was surprisingly satisfied both times I have gotten food here. I guess if you are a pizza snob don't come here, but it was good enough for me. The workers were very nice to me and even advised me to call in the order next time so I wouldn't have to wait so long. I am giving this place a 4 because I was pleasantly surprised. I may come here on a monthly basis.

One of the better locations. Cleaner and better quality food. If skeptical I recommend asking to look at the product before if you don't like what you see ask for different one. Cheap soda too only a dollar for a refrigerated 20oz which I think is as cheap as you can get. I recommend the deep dish and crazy bread with sauce. The workers here work extremely hard to satisfy your problem and they are always busy because everything is made on site not shipped in frozen like Pizza Hut or dominos. Gotta give them credit!

Little caesars advertised nationally that to honor veterans they would be giving out free hot n ready pizzas. We drove all the way over here and my husband went in to get his pizza. They told him they only had 30 pizzas to give out and that they had reached that number already. There were still two hours of the giveaway time frame left. 30 is an unreasonable number. This sounds like a classic bait and switch. San Diego is a large city full of veterans. Why would they limit the number of free pizzas to 30??? That's the size of an elementary school classroom. Come on. It seems that little caesars may be doing their business more harm than good with this offer. There were three other guys in there at the same time as my husband asking for their free pizzas and I can pretty much guarantee that those guys won't be recommending little caesars anytime soon either. If they turned down 4 guys at the same time how many others will they be disappointing in the next two hours? I didn't go to business school but even I know that If you can't afford to do it you shouldn't advertise it. There are plenty of places that are able to follow through with their Veterans Day deals. I'm not sure if they thought that since we were already in there we would go ahead and spend money but they're wrong. Quite the opposite- we will not be returning to this business.

So I kept seeing commercials for their stuffed crust deep deep dish pizza and haven't had little Caesars in years. I decided to go to this one in Clairemont. I called my order in and drove there from downtown la jolla. Young lady was pleasant and rung me up and I was out the door. Got back to place I'm staying at for the weekend and start eating some of the cheesy bread which was what I remembered. I get to my first square of the deep deep pizza and it seems gooey. I thought maybe the cheese. I ripped off the cheese and pepperoni. The pizza is still very doughy to where I can manipulate like dough. I call them and the young lady answered. I explained what was happening and she immediately said about the cheese and it could seem that way. Explained to her I pulled the cheese off and I can literally manipulate it and how doughy it was. She asked if I wanted the manager and that I could bring it back for another. I explain to her that I was turned off by the pizza and that I didn't want another. I also didn't feel like making another 20 min ride one way. Service was great which is why I gave a 2 star but the product just made me not want to look at pizza for awhile and my stomach doesn't feel calm. Guess it might be a few more years til I try that again.

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