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New York Giant Pizza San Diego CA

2357 Reo Dr
San Diego, CA 92139
(619) 470-7777

Just a regular neighborhood pizza joint w/o any frills & fuss. Nothing exotic on the menu. This is a chain business that has plenty of locations throughout the city. The guys behind the counter are always friendly & there is delivery service too. But, since there's one delivery guy on a shift at this location, you know how the hiccups can be when you're expecting delivery on a weekend night or during a game. I'm a big fan of calling ahead for an order here & just picking it up myself. Mike's has this enormous giant pizza that I've called in for on a few family occasions if I don't have the time to whip something up in my kitchen. I had to either lower the back seat of my car and have this giant sized pizza laying down half in the trunk & half in the backseat. Or, if my car had 4 people in it (including myself)- this bad boy was on the roof of the car being held down by all of us while I drove like a snail (thank goodness my cousin lived a few blocks away). Besides the pizza dough being made fresh & how hard is it to make a salad? Everything else is frozen & fried... I'm sure this isn't rocket science when you're ordering food here, so don't act bougie like you're too good to order frozen food only to have it dumped in the deep fryer. Since I live a block away- there were times I'd just walk down here for an order of their fries & a Dr Pepper. The interior is a bit worn down & there's a bench or two that has duct tape covering up gaps. Oh well. They're still cushiony to sit on. There are some arcade games & toy/ sticker vending machines too.

I've been going to this place forever but only because of the convenient location in my neighborhood. Otherwise the service is terrible, especially the older bald guy. He's always very rude and acts like he has something better to do than take my order. Not sure if he's the owner but thats no way to treat a regular customer. Smh. Good Pizza though.

Just moved and found out about this Place it's really good and I'm really picky when it comes to salads and there salads are great ! And super fresh pizza is really good too

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