7 beachfront bars in San Diego

Beach View Restaurants San Diego


4 - Peohe's – Coronado Waterfront Restaurant


Nestled on the water’s edge in the Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace, Peohe’s offers breathtaking views of the downtown skyline & San Diego Bay, not to mention an exceptional menu & warm hospitality. Specializing in fresh tropical seafood dishes influenced by Pacific Rim flavors, Peohe’s also boasts a superb sushi bar featuring innovative rolls & new wave sushi creations.

Al fresco dining is also available on the patio or in the charming dockside courtyard. Travel to Peohe’s via car over the scenic Coronado Bay Bridge, take a ferry or water taxi or moor your own vessel at the public dock.

Ph: (619) 437-4474

6 - Island Prime

Downtown / Gaslamp

Chef Deborah Scott's Island Prime highlights her innovative and eclectic style, which will only be enhanced by the spectacular panoramic view and attentive Southern hospitality. Overlooking beautiful San Diego harbor.

C-Level, our bistro style restaurant, is open for lunch daily beginning at 11:30am and stays open through dinner. C-Level offers a beautiful outdoor, heated patio overlooking the San Diego skyline.

Ph: (619) 236-1299 x209

San Diego Restaurants - Top ten Restaurants in San Diego with a Scenic View

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