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Brian Malarkey Restaurants San Diego

Former The Taste judge Brian Malarkey has unexpectedly shuttered two of his restaurants this week. Eater San Diego reports that Malarkey's Gabardine in San Diego has shuttered, as has his Scottsdale, AZ location of Searsucker. In a statement, Enlightened Hospitality Group's CEO James Brennan says: "In an effort to remain focused on the national rollout of Enlightened Hospitality Group's (EHGRP) 'fabric of social dining' restaurant concepts we have decided to close our Searsucker Scottsdale and Gabardine San Diego locations. As EHGRP continues the expansion of our premier brands, we must continue to focus our efforts on the immense success of our current restaurant portfolio."

Eater San Diego points out that this means Malarkey's group now only has locations of Herringbone and Searsucker. News of the closures follows something of an expansion-kick for Malarkey. A new West Hollywood location of Malarkey's Herringbone is expected to open this weekend at the Mondrian hotel. Over the summer Malarkey relaunched his Del Mar, CA restaurant Burlap as another location of Searsucker. On top of it all, an Abu Dhabi-based investment fund is rumored to be acquiring a 50% stake in EHGRP.

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