The Broken Yolk Cafe - 223

Broken Yolk Restaurant San Diego

3577 Midway Drive
San Diego, CA 92110

(619) 358-9966

Staff was very accommodating. There were a few staff members that kept checking on us every so often. I ordered the Border Benedict. Never had it & always enjoy trying something new. what caught my attention on the menu was the poached eggs & strips of carne asada served atop CORN CAKES!!! Damn- doesn't that already sound like you're starting your day off right?! And poblano sauce?! Double whammy! Well, I should've ordered the poblano sauce on the side. Not that it was gross- it just took over both benedicts... I know, I know. The menu does say SMOTHER. The asada was tender & well cooked/ grilled. It wasn't too tough & over cooked or paper thin. Yes, I would order this plate again in a heartbeat!

So disappointing! Our food was good, but the service was terrible. Our food was dropped off and our server never checked on us, just came to drop the bill about 20 minutes later when we were done eating. When we reviewed the bill I was clearly overcharged in error. I brought the bill up to the front where the manager took it and discussed it with the server. They both came over to me to try and tell me I was wrong and continued to argue with me while I just tried to explain to them I wasn't. They both were clearly annoyed and rolled their eyes and started mumbling something in Spanish with each other (I was shocked at how rude that was). After about 5 minutes of me grabbing a menu and showing them (I ordered a side of eggs, side of bacon, and side of toast but they charged me for one of their full meals with a charge of substituting bacon for hash browns which came out to be about $5 more in total that way.yeah not gonna happen). They went to the register and fixed it to the way I actually ordered it in the first place and the bill dropped $5. Both the manager and server realized I was right, and was over charged. The server walked away and never apologized but the manager came back and told me how sorry she was that they were wrong and probably said sorry about 10 times (I'm sure she realized how rude she and the server had been to me for no reason). Paid my bill and left and won't be coming back to this location. Mission Valley and PB broken yolk's are great, but I definitely cannot recommend this location... rude staff!! And check your bill people...

I've pretty much always enjoyed the food, despite mess ups here and there. Eggs Benedict over cooked, cold scrambled eggs, burnt hash browns - it happens I know. But the thing I can't get over here is the serves recently. Months back this place was great, quick, and had a great staff. I'm not really sure what happened in the last two months. The last two times I've gone has made me not want to go back. Last month our waitress had to be asked several times for a single thing, got two orders wrong, and didn't come around very much to see if we needed anything. The last one I could forgive if it were busy, but it wasn't. Still, I like this place so I went back today. We were seated by a host, our waitress came to take our order, someone else dropped off the food, waitress ran by asking if everything was okay a minute after we got the food, then didn't see her again until she dropped our check off. Best of all we were only offered refills on our coffee and waters after the check had been dropped off. I don't like leaving yelp reviews, but I hope this either preps you for what might happen if you go or gets the management there to take a better look at their staff.

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