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Butcher Shop Restaurant San Diego

Reminiscent of a classic Chicago-style steakhouse, The Butcher Shop features only the finest quality mid-western aged steaks and chops, charbroiled to perfection over a mesquite wood-fire grill. In addition to the USDA Choice & Prime beef steak, the extensive menu also is highlighted by Angus Prime Rib, slow-roasted to retain its tender juiciness, as well as veal, chicken, lobster tail, king crab legs and shrimp entrees. The dessert selection is nothing short of decadent, and there is a full bar and excellent wine list. The ambiance is elegant, warm and intimate, with rich dark wood paneling, comfortable leather booths, gleaming brass, beautifully etched-glass panels, and cozy fireplace. The gracious and attentive service staff will anticipate your every need and ensure that your dinner experience exceeds your highest expectations. Whether you visit for lunch, dinner, just cocktails and appetizers in the lounge, you will soon list this among your favorite dinner destinations.

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