Chart House Restaurant San Diego

We are happy to assist you with all the details of your business function, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, birthday celebration, anniversary party or other special event. Guests will enjoy the freshest seafood, succulent steaks and impeccable service that only Chart House can provide.

For your next private dining event in San Diego, look no further than Peohe's in Coronado. With world-class cuisine and gorgeous waterfront views of the majestic San Diego skyline, we have everything you are looking for. Our semi-private Bay Room, with seating for up to 48 guests, offers spectacular views of the bay and skyline. For a larger party, The Lanai has everything you need, including gorgeous views of San Diego. This tastefully-adorned room can accommodate up to 200 guests. Our chefs are ready to work with you for a customized event that is sure to exceed your expectations.

From wedding rehearsals and receptions, to company functions, we are prepared to make your special event unforgettable. For your next birthday, anniversary or retirement party, consider the intimacy of private dining at Peohe's.

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