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Costa Brava Restaurants San Diego

My wife and I went to the restaurant for lunch. Street noise was muted. The decor is simple, but tasteful and clean. Our waiter was friendly and patient. The bread, soup, salad, and Sea Bass were well prepared, hot, and a pleasure to eat. The place settings were clean and neat, too. The cloth napkin was crisp. Everything was in order, well prepsred, and at a fair price. Next time, we'll be at Costa brava for dinner over the weekend, where guitar and/or flamenco are performed, our waiter told us.

Best Tapas and Ambiance in San Diego

From the rustic decor to the delicious wine selection, Costa Brava is an excellent restaurant! I am always treated like a guest in their home whenever I dine here. They have a large selection of tapas, all of which are delicious! The servers have always been extremely charming and the live music adds a nice touch! Contrary to what Paul (below) believes, I have never been treated poorly. Obviously Paul has never worked in a restaurant. If your customers make a reservation, you cannot just tell them, "Sorry, this other group decided to add extra people to their table, and even though they did not have a reservation, they still get to take your table!" Usually when customers and companionate and reasonable with restaurant staff and owners they can be very accommodating. I'm sure the owner, whom I am very fond of, would have helped you out if he felt so inclined. And I’m sure they are not that concerned about $600 of business. It’s obviously not worth it to serve you.

Excellent food, delicious Sangria, Great Ambiance.

My husband and I came to Costa Brava for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by the unassuming yet charming Spanish rustic decor and atmosphere of the restaurant. Having been to Spain, we were pleasantly surprised by the tasty Sangria served in a large pitcher, as well as by the mouth-watering appetizers that melted in our mouths. Our main course was a shared Paella, which is their signature dish. Without a doubt, it is not only a culinary delight, but it is absolutely authentic, rich in flavor, and the portions are extremely generous. We had left-overs, which were just as good, if not better the next day! The chef, who is a first-class Spanish chef, is key to the delicious and authentic food being prepared, and he is a friendly and warm chef. We will definitely go back and let our friends know about this little piece of Spain tucked in Pacific Beach. Ole!

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