De Medici Restaurants San Diego

Experience de’ Medici’s fine dining and enjoy our flavorful dishes.

At de’Medici our service is guaranteed by serving the best of Italy in San Diego. We hope that you enjoy the many items on our menu and discover that the dishes of de’Medici is truly famed for combining exceptional ingredients that will always be true Italian cooking.

de’Medici is the only restaurant in San Diego that serves original Italian dishes passed down from many generations. Every plate served is a culinary art of Italian cuisine that is deliciously considered to be the finest in town.

de’Medici’s Italian restaurant is proud to feature a menu that will satisfy your appetite for Italian specialties. We ask that you indulge the tastes from the old country and celebrate every mouthful of our finest Italian cuisine.

As well as, treat yourself to the delights of our culinary Italian flavors and savor all that waits. Our unique dishes are made with the best ingredients carefully prepared to enhance your culinary enjoyment.

From the Spaghetti al Pomodoro Fresco to the award winning Sole Portofino, de’Medici signature dishes are a feast to be remembered. These dishes are authentic and features the traditions of old world Italy.

Take your time and view the many delectable delicacies on our menu and discover the taste of original Italian cuisine.

When it comes to the preparation of our menu items, our culinary trained chefs take that extra step in making sure your meal is to your liking. We are located in San Diego Gaslamp District offering the best in the art of Italian cuisine.

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