East Village San Diego Restaurants

The Patio Group has released the name for its incoming East Village concept. Harvest By The Patio is currently under construction at 369 10th Avenue in the space previously occupied by Table No. 10 and will unveil as early as this summer with a menu designed by Chef Antonio Friscia's Legal Restaurant team and a focus on sustainable and seasonal dishes.
The burgeoning restaurant group recently opened Fireside By The Patio. They are working on opening Bao Beach in Mission Beach. The group has also purchased Surf Rider Pizza Cafe in Ocean Beach. Now after purchasing the loft-like building in downtown San Diego, Gina Champion-Cain's restaurant empire will debut a "sustainable and responsible restaurant, & gathering place located in San Diego's East Village."
The Patio Group's owner Gina Champion-Cain purchased the former Table No. 10, 1920s-era building in March 2016 through her American National Investments corporation for $2.35 million and is currently constructing Harvest at the approximately 4, 000-square-foot property. Like Fireside and the coming Bao Beach, the restaurant, menu and kitchen will be spearheaded by The Patio Group's newly onboard consulting chef Antonio Friscia and his Legal Restaurant team. Chef Amiko Gubbins will lead the kitchen at the East Village eatery.
The menu at Harvest by the Patio will be designed for fast and casual service and feature healthy, GMO-free fare. The Patio Group will overhaul the former Table No. 10 space, including adding a new entrance on 10th avenue and making the bottom floor the main dining area with counter service, a coffee bar, and a menu ranging from breakfast, to poke bowls, to sandwiches and roast meats.
Harvest By The Patio is anticipated to open as early as this fall. For more information, visit harvestlovesyou.com.

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