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Gaslamp Quarter has a very colorful history in the 1800's San Diego's booming prosperity attracts unscrupulous characters seeking to take advantage of the city's growth. This includes prostitutes and gamblers, including the famous Wyatt Earp, who would go on to run three gambling halls in San Diego. Gradually, San Diego commerce begins moving north of Market Street.The abandoned area to the south becomes a redlight district known as the Stingaree, Red-haired call girl Ida Bailey takes up residence at a house of ill repute in the Stingaree. Here you can find 350 prostitutes working in 120 bordellos. The Stingaree's 71 saloons boast names such as the First and Last Chance Saloon, Old Tub of Blood, and Legal Tender. In the 1900's Influenced by a wave of citizen morality, police raid the Stingaree and arrest 138 prostitutes operating out of sleeping rooms on the upper floors of the district's buildings With the red lights of the Stingaree officially turned off, San Diego becomes unpopular as a liberty port for the Navy. Following World War II, the suburbs outside of Downtown San Diego experience an influx of new residents and businesses, leaving the Gaslamp Quarter as the home of tattoo parlors, seedy bars, pawn shops, and locker clubs. Adult businesses, including peep shows, massage parlors, and adult bookstores, continue to converge on the Gaslamp for the next 20 to 30 years. today, the Gaslamp Quarter has successfully transformed into a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment neighborhood. With over 200 restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges, boutiques, art galleries, and shops to pursue. and pursue we did. in 3 days we hit a half dozen restaurants and at least as many bars and shops. While we were there they had the streets blocked off several times for private concerts I plan on bringing the wife here later this year.

Great place to visit during the day, but when the sun begins to set... that's when the gaslamp wakes up for the party crowd at night! If you're a night life kind of person, this is the place for you. It's kind of like Times Square for us in San Diego. It still has its old time flare to it also! It used to be called the stingaree district, a place for young lonely sailors while on shore leave back in the 1870's-1910's. It was called the stingaree because the name was a nickname sailors gave to the stingrays out in the bay. They said it was easier to get "stung" in the stingaree than it was to get stung by the actual animal in the bay. Long story short? This place use to be the redlight district. Complete with over 100 gentlemens clubs, 62 gambling halls, and 71 saloons! All that was needed for the young lonely sailor. Thankfully it was cleaned up in later years and became the gaslamp quarter, named after the original gaslamps that they still have here. Currently they're painted black, but underneath the black paint is the original This place now is filled with nightclubs, bars, small and large name shops and 5th ave is what we call restaurant row, if you're looking for almost every genre of restaurant possible. Get here early though, traffic and parking can be very difficult during the nightlife. Also, don't get frustrated in downtown... the streets are numerical order and alphabetical order... you can't possibly get lost.

This is the place to be at night if you like lots of people, lots of restaurants, lots of bars and lots of little shops. The street that is lit up with those lamp posts makes this a place very special! Nice stroll if you want to admire it all. This little historic area is definitely a must while here in SD, even it its to drive through like I did ( one of my favorite little eateries is close by so I wanted to do a quick drive by).after all I only came here this weekend to get a healthy dose of vitamin sea ! :)

I usually don't come down here too much just because it's crazy busy. If you love to bar hop and be out until the early morning this is a good place for that. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest which is why I come during the week. There are tons of restaurants and bars also with Uber/Lyft drivers so don't be stupid. Oh and good luck with parking because it gets packed quick so it's best to park in a pay lot. Some of my favorite spots in the area are Ghirardelli, The Whiskey House of course and Petco Park. There's so much going on here some times it's hard to keep up. This is definitely a fun part of San Diego and I try to come here as often as I can.

What's not to like about Degos Gaslamp district? It's full of cool night life and beautiful people! I love hanging out, shopping and partying in Gaslamp. Have some food, a cigar, a lovely drink or meet someone new. If you're in to chilling in hip beach cities, you'll love Gaslamp! P.S. some of my favorite spots are The Garage (for brunch), Caesars Cigar bar, Spike Africa, Lime, Giradellis. There's a few extra like a Indian and seafood spot that I love but can't remember the name of.. I'll update next time I'm there.

Stop #5 YSB2016 - Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego After a long flight and getting settled in SD on our first day we decided to head over to the Gaslamp Quarter to check things out. I made reservations to grab some happy hour drinks / bites at a restaurant in Gaslamp and it was only about 5pm when we got there so we had plenty of time to do some exploring. Immediately I fell in love with the Gaslamp Quarter! It's such a cute little area of the city with tons of shops and cute little stores, along with some of the best restaurants in the city. The Hard Rock Hotel and Café is in Gaslamp as well. Parking seems scarce around most of SD and this area is no different, so I would definitely UBER down here instead of driving your own car if you can. They really keep the city clean here and I felt very safe walking around. It's a nice area to kill a few hours and hang out. It's great for people watching or taking your dog for a walk. We saw a lot of dogs while we were out and many places in SD seemed to be very pet friendly. A must stop when visiting San Diego.

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