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Golden City Restaurant San Diego

IMG_3582Mmm-yoso!!!, a food blog, has most posts originating in sunny San Diego. Today is going to be a scorcher. Cathy is writing a short post.

When I woke today, the temperature outside was 59 and the weather report says it will hit 95 before noon. I try to get all of my work around the house done before the heat starts to set in and then plan my day around either staying inside the house or going to air conditioned businesses. Here's where we went a few weeks ago, during the last heat wave...

On the South East corner of 163 and Clairmont Mesa, Golden City has been a mainstay since 2005, getting new management in July 2006. Kirk has written many posts about individual food items, mostly revisits, with each emphasizing the authenticity and quality of food.IMG_3563 As you can see, there is a 'Special' lunch menu offered.

The Mister and I have visited this quite large restaurant many times; just haven't posted.

When you order hot tea, it is brewed for you, using loose tea leaves, not bags. A good quality fresh tea, I always enjoy it with my meal.

As part of our orders, we were asked if we wanted egg drop or hot and sour soup (included with the 'Regular', not the 'Special' lunch menu){ Side note, the 'Regular' lunch menu is the same after 9 p.m. each evening, it's called the 'Late Menu' then} We chose both soups.IMG_3561 Each is high quality, flavorful and comforting.

Also part of the 'regular' lunch menu, vegetarian egg rolls are included. Fresh, crispy, always pleasant.

From the 'Special' menu, wonton noodle soup (.99).IMG_3569 Really good soup broth, meaty (shrimp and pork) wontons and very tasty, non-clumpy egg noodles, along with some fresh baby bok choy make this a meal in itself.

Ma Po tofu ($6.99). We try this menu item just about everywhere, because every restaurant makes it differently using the same primary ingredients: soft tofu, ground pork, spicy sauce-and the variation here is wonderful. The smooth sauce here is medium hot (just right, I think). A sizeable portion. With some steamed rice, this is also comforting.

A dish at this restaurant I was introduced to (by Kirk) a few years ago-you know what it is. The menu calls it Deep Fried Pork Chittlins ($7.50) and I really like the quality of fry (crispy and not greasy) as well as the portion size and general flavor point (a bit salty).

IMG_3564 IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3577

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