Hillcrest restaurant, San Diego, California

Hillcrest Restaurants, San Diego

My boyfriend and I came here on a Friday night after trying to find a new restaurant by reading Yelp reviews and OpenTable availability. It was only moderately busy and there was indoor and outdoor (with heat lamps) seatings.

We ordered:

  • Jalapeños with blue cheese and prosciutto (3 to an order ~ $9.95)
  • Meatballs (3 to an order ~ $9.95)
  • Lobster ravioli (5 to an order ~ $18)
  • Bread to eat with our ravioli and meatballs ($2)
  • 3 beers ($5.50/each)
  • Chocolate stuffed french toast ($6.95, but free with check-in!)

The bill: $62 (including the Yelp check-in for a free dessert).

Everything that we ordered was pretty tasty, except the meatballs tasted a bit oversalted. The lobster ravioli was in this chipotle sauce that I thought was pretty delicious. The jalapeños were.jalapeños. But, that's my fault for ordering bar food and expecting a bit more. Service was alright - nothing to write about either way.

I was surprised, though, that the order of bread (I need something for all my sauces!) cost $2. So, the food was good, but as you can tell, the portions were rather small. I left satisfied, but thought that the bill was a bit hefty for not that much food.

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