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Vintana Restaurant San Diego

The penthouse level of the Lexus Centre in Escondido is home to the latest collaboration between the Cohn Restaurant Group known for local favorites such as Blue Point, Prado, and Island Prime and well-known local chef Deborah Scott of Indigo Grill and C Level. Opened in the Spring of 2012, this 20, 000 square foot establishment has steadily grown in popularity. The experience begins as patrons drive up. It is not often that I am wowed by a restaurant’s exterior. I don’t go to a restaurant to stare at the façade or the well-adorned walls; I come for the quality of food, service and overall dining experience. At Vintana Wine+Dine, I’m in awe of all of the above.

I exit Interstate 15, take two quick lefts, and arrive at the dealership. The building is tall, with pristine floor-to-ceiling windows and crème-colored concrete. I step on my brakes as I peek up at the massive collaboration of car dealership and restaurant. Vintana sits on the top level of the structure as a beacon to all those who look its way. The experience begins with complimentary valet on the ground level, a nice touch for guests. As I wait for my guest to arrive, I take a picture of the fountain in the median the large cobblestone-styled driveway. I’m already impressed and have yet to enter the restaurant. As my friend arrives and valets her car, we walk past the vast array of different luxurious Lexus models on the showroom floor, to the glass elevator. For lack of a better word, entering the elevator is simply cool. It features a 360-degree view of the inside of the dealership, and as I hit the button to take us to Vintana, I eagerly await our top floor destination.

As the elevator doors open, eye-catching details inundate me from all angles. The colorful décor, the antique leather couches, the old trunks that function as ottomans in the bar area, it all imparts a feeling of fine dining. To the right is the bar with eight stools, as well as the leather couches and chairs. This comfortable area invites guests to sit and talk with friends. Televisions and a staggering number of vodka choices line the wall of the full bar.

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