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Volare Restaurant San Diego

IMG_2083Thanks for stopping at mmm-yoso!!! and reading about food. Right now, Kirk is enjoying life with His Missus, Ed (from Yuma) and Tina are treasuring moments together and Cathy and her Mister are sharing a memory with you.

If you live in San Diego, you've seen it in passing. Perhaps when exiting the PCH going toward Liberty Station/Point Loma/Rosecrans.IMG_2084 Note the second floor- the family owns and lives in this building. Maybe when heading South toward downtown/the 5, this signage on the other side of the building made you mildly curious. It doesn't look fancy, seems to have always been there...Walk in and take a step back into time.IMG_2081 That newspaper article is dated May 1979 and it's about this 'new' Restaurant which had opened in 1978, run by two brothers and a sister. The brothers moved back to Sicily in 1998 and the sister and her family have been running Volare ever since.The interior decor is dark, music from the soundtrack of the movie The Godfather is subtly playing in the background...nice and clean. Tablecloths, as always. Nothing fancy: just good.

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