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Cyber Cafe San Diego

612 S Mary Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 733-3712

The guy in front is super friendly and helpful. It was my first time at an internet cafe and i had no idea how I was supposed to start a game or even log in.

This place is great, I've been living out here in Sunnyvale since September and it just gets better and better. I guess that's a good and a bad thing because I get out of work around 6PM and there seems to be a waiting list now every time I go but they are getting more computers in. There is a mix of guys and girls so it's not all dudes gaming away. My game is CS : GO but every game is played here from World of Warcraft to Diablo 2, Borderlands, LoL, DoTA 2 and FF14 Online. They have a giant projector on a wall where there is always Tournaments, Movies, and Music playing. $17 for the whole day! I'd highly recommend this place and will continue going,

Awesome place. Fast internet, cheap prices, nice PC specs, nice snacks, what more can you ask for from a LAN center...

For real got banned for something I had nothing to do with. They banned me for suspecting me for that throw up in the restroom. I used the restroom and I saw it as well and I informed the guy at the counter. Just because i was the last person or something does not mean I am at fault. I come here all the time and support them. I really wish the owner can take this into consideration but he banned me with no mercy. Honestly please find out who did it and at the very least give me a refund for the hours I did not use. Especially for something I did not do. I felt harrased by the guy at the register. (Caucasion/glasses) . I respect the café a lot. Guys they cold hearted. Especially the owner. That is not cool at all. I don't think anyone should try here anymore. May get banned for something you had nothing to do with.

High end computers good environment and great customer service. They have a projector too which is dope. Video Games and Basketball at the same time!

Best at what it does, because I don't know any other internet cafes in the area. It's pretty cheap, so you can play for hours without feeling much poorer. if you come with a group of friends you might not be able to find a room to yourselves.

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