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Due to the increased worldwide interest and popularity of high end quality tequilas, Café Coyote in Old Town has appointed Tequila Ambassadors to educate and entertain guests. The concept of a Tequila Ambassador is similar to that of a sommelier. Our Tequila Ambassador will help guide our guests through our list of over 100 tequilas and give recommendations according to guests’ taste preference, food pairing and price range.

Tequila is fast becoming the hip new drink of choice. As North America’s first distilled drink and first commercially produced alcohol, the history of tequila dates back to the early 1500s. The word tequila itself is thought to be a Nuhuatl term meaning “the place of harvesting plants.” Lehn Goetz (owner of Café Coyote) says, “Tequilas are not just for doing shots and mixing in Margaritas anymore. Many customers enjoy sipping our fine tequilas like a good Cognac. Many of the tequilas are aged and refined in a similar manner to Cognac and we felt it was time to give our customers the information and knowledge they were looking for.”

Please be our guest and come to Café Coyote, Old Town. Meet our Tequila Ambassadors and share their knowledge, experience, passion and love of tequila and the Mexican culture. Choose from over one hundred tequilas and find out who made them, what different tastes they have, and their rich and long history.

Did you know?

More tequila is sold in Old Town San Diego than ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.

Tequila is the fastest growing spirit in the USA.

Agave plants take more than 10 years to mature before they can be used to make tequila, and once harvested, the same plant can not be used again.

There is no worm in tequila. Worms are found only in mezcal, tequila’s grandparent alcohol.


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