Pizza Point Loma San Diego

4719 Point Loma Ave
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 225-8786

Rosario pizza and Italian food is a good place to go when looking for a good deal. They have pizza slices for $2 and good deals on sandwiches, an 8 inch in under $5 including tax, I consider their sandwiches larger than subway because Rosario's bread is much wider. Great steak sandwiches and a lot of sandwich choices. They have good lasagna, salads and good garlic bread too. Their meatballs vary, sometime they're large and other times small. i think the large ones are better. They have lots of pizza options too. They do have some indoor seating, but not much. mostly take out and they are one of the few places in sunset cliffs that also delivers. Always check for their online coupons or at their register as they won't tell you about them. it's not gourmet Italian food, but it good food and at a price that won't break the bank.

Most legit hole in the wall pizza joint in all of point loma! Ooey gooey cheese with large portions and a flavorful sauce. Another item that we ordered was the philly steak and cheese with pastrami added. 18" pizza and 16" sub fed a group of us.

Really good pizza, I'm sorry that I forgot about this place and ordered from Giant New York (hello, delivery fee) or Alfredo's (it's so thin as to be nearly nonexistent) the last few times. The cheese was generous without having to ask and pay for extra, and that is why I'll order from them next time, and the time after that...

When you don't want chain pizza and you're not interested in the sweaty steamy cafeteria feel of Pizza Port, or let's say you want to avoid the dirty drunks with their micro beers and just want delivery... this is the perfect solid "Introvert of OB's Choice". It's like the pizza you grew up with, not gimmicky, no crazy toppings, no crazy crust. Not burnt, not thin, not too thick, it's just right. I always get mushroom pizza, cause sometimes I just like a simple, solid 3, mushroom pizza. Chains be gone!

My family loves this place. It's our go to for pizza that's good and affordable. I also really enjoy the rosaria super sub. Always made fresh!

Bomb pizza for super cheap! Definitely the best pizza for the price in San Diego. Super fast delivery too! Rosaria... I LOVE YOU

I've been going here for 20 years, it's a staple and underrated pizza joint in the community. Addictive crust sauce cheese combo, a slice is like $2.

Give them money and they'll hand you a pizza. That's about it. From the cluttered space to the machine made crust to the unimaginative ingredients, this place exhibits no passion for the product. Newport Pizza and Pizza Port are much better choices. The marina sauce tasted like they had dumped a cup of salt in it.

Best value in town. Very nice family run business. Great coupons and it's my kids' favorite pizza!

The pizza is decent. I give it 4 stars because it's more of a unknown place. This make ordering a pizza super easy. You don't have to deal with the crowds on Newport or close by near the other pizza joints. This is why I sometimes choose this place. Being convenient can go a long way sometimes

My go-to pizza place. It's SUPER close to my house and is always a great option when I don't want to cook. Ingredients are fresh, their customer service is always nice and friendly and they don't make you wait 45+ minutes.

There is something about this pizza that is so good! Great ratio of sauce, cheese, and a great crust! Even better - within walking distance of several residencies & a great price! Knocked off two stars because i didnt like their salad ( by the way, no ceasar salad option, darn!), and there garlic bread was a huge portion but sub-par. Also - i dont recommend buying by the slice, pretty sure they pre cook cheese pizza, add the toppings you ask for then re-heat. Even still - ill be back for a large pizza for the taste, value, and convenience! Room for improvement but a really good pie. Nice cashiers too. "

Pizza used to be good but just isn't any more. The turkey subs are tasty and I love their bread. Customer service is not up to snuff. If you call in an order they don't tell you about coupons (on counter) that could improve the value of your meal.

I have been here quite a few times and since I have started to yelp I figured I had to hit his spot. It is some of the best pizza I have had and the prices are great. Everyone that works here has always been very nice and it's a great spot for takeout if you live nearby. There is something about the sauce or the cheese or maybe the combo? But it's really really good. The whole pizza compared to the slice is better but the slice prices are hard to beat. Wings are one of my favorite things in life and the wings here are ok. I've had a couple sandwiches here also which were pretty good. I love supporting local family run businesses and as long as I live in OB I will keep coming back.

Not a fan. We live close by too so I wish I was. Pizza was meh. Floppy and greasy. The wings were ok but not worth coming back for.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian east coast pizza, this place is not for you. Just look at the options for toppings here, you know you are in trouble when they do not offer any greens. Trying to order roasted red peppers or artichoke hearts? They will look at you like you're from Mars. The pizza is all very heavy cheese, you WILL have an upset stomach if you eat too much of it. Surfrider is the only sensible pizza here in Ocean Beach. (Pizza Port is no better than this place.)

For a neighborhood pizza joint this place is great. Low prices, BIG portions and friendly service. The pizza is always loaded with toppings and cheese. I usually go with the thin crust since the regular is too much crust for me, and it can be a little doughy sometimes. The thin crust isn't extremely thin either so you will still get just as full. I might have given this place 3 stars on food alone, but the low prices earn an extra star.

If you're in OB and hammered and want some pizza this place is not a bad option. I know from experience. Dude.

I decided to order pizza from this restaurant after I had an incredibly chaotic day that took me to a new part of town. I placed a to-go order from the road of pizza, breadsticks, salad and mozzarella sticks. When I arrived, all of the food was ready to be picked up immediately. I was happy to notice that the cashier had skillfully packed my order so that the salad was in a separate bag so it would not be affected by the warm food. When I arrived at home, my entire family was impressed with the quantity of the food and the overall quality. It seems as if I will have to drive to this pizza shop from time to time to satisfy my family's love of this shop.

I don't know what people are talking about with "too much cheese" I think it has a perfect amount of cheese. The crust is pretty good too. The salad could use some work though. Over all it is pretty good. It's not the best out there but it sure beats Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa Johns etc. . .

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