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San Diego Giant Pizza

3704 Voltaire St
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 523-1112

A mom and pop place. We ordered a large sausage pizza and it was pretty good. Being a New Yorker myself it's high praise!

We have ordered from here many times. There was a time when they were great, when they put cheese and steak on their cheese steaks. They have rapidly declined. Last Monday was it for us. Our order took 1 hour and 45 minutes to arrive. We live a mile from the restaurant. The cheese steaks were soggy due to the sodas having been sitting on them in the bag. The onion rings were TERRIBLY burned...See photo. They smelled up my whole house. The only thing remotely edible were the cheese sticks, but they had gotten cold. What a shame. I am all for supporting the Mom and Pop types, but this was disgusting and insulting.

Ordered on postmates. Specifically asked for red pepper flakes on the side TWICE, and there were no red pepper flakes in the bag. They did not give me a fork, the spaghetti noodles were overdone and meatballs were burnt. Really disappointed

Great pizza, one of the best in SD. This place just needs a computerized system for orders to no have to repeat phone and delivery address everytime your call in.

Went there Saturday at lunch. Asked about lunch specials. He said there were none, slice of pizza was $3 so I said ok. He was making pizza dough so his hands were messy and gewy, but he picked up my slice by hand and put it in the oven with out washing his hands. I pay him and he gives me change, and he still does not wash his hands after touching money. Next in less than 30 seconds, I get the pizza, again no washed hands, I could see hiow gunky his hands were and they looked disgusting. Despite that, the entire dirtiness of this place from the water leaked ceilings to the floor soaked walls, and that this store is directly next to the malls garbage cans, I can tell their are rodents that live here. Now, I look at the menu and it says lunch special 2 slices for $5. I asked about it and he sayts they don't honor it anymore. He was nice about it, but too many red flags for me to want to come back even though the pizza was delicioius. I don't want to see any cockroackes one day hiding in my pizza so I will find another new York pizza place. too bad, if this place was just clean, they have a good recipe.

This is one of the best pizza restaurants in San Diego, crispy with perfect cheese sauce ratio, consistent and closest to New York pizza in my opinion. Also, salads are so fresh, 100% of the time. I used to bring pizza back from New York, I don't anymore as I finally found a staple for great pizza every time.

We really love this mom and pop pizza shop in Point Loma. The extra large usually feeds 4 people just fine. Last time we got an x-large half veggie and half sausage + pepperoni. It cost $25 and some change. Toppings and cheese always taste fresh. The guys who work there are super chill and nice. Love this place.

Awesome little hole in the wall, mom and pop style shop. Looks to be family owned and operated. Pizza crust was perfectly cooked (not to thin and not doughy), enough cheese and sauce and all around great. We had dine in and we also tried their Philly cheese steak. It was spot on and they cooked the meat so tender. If you're in the area and need a cheap and filling meal try them out!

Here's a fun little story as to why I am giving this business 5 stars. (I'm a sucker for good customer service). Maybe an employee will see this and laugh in remembrance. I was using an app to have food delivered, because I came across some free credits, so this was the perfect place to order from. Lots of food for not too much. I literally had no money to my name so I had to keep it under the allotted credits I had. I'll be danged if I didn't have enough for the feta, oh precious feta. How I love thee. So I lived by the old saying, if you don't ask, you don't receive. I wrote in the comments box where it asks for changes you want to your food, "I don't have enough money for feta, if you guys love me and want to hook it up, I won't be upset!" Yay, a bold move. A bold move indeed. When I received my pizza, it was the moment of truth.I cracked it open, and bam! Just like that. That small act of kindness made not only my day, but also made me a customer that will use them again. That feta never tasted so good. The pizza was awesome, still hot and melty. Yep, 5 stars for not only good pizza, but a random act of kindness. Thank you.

Why go to Little Cesar's when you can come here? The slices at Giant New York Pizza are HUGE. We each got a slice with pepperoni added on and it was bomb diggity! I haven't had good pizza in so long! The crust was thin and the cheese and pepperoni were nice and hot. I wish I had a reason to buy a whole humongous pizza pie! There is no need for me to seek out other pizza shops in San Diego. Once you find a place that has bomb pizza, you stick with it!

We just ordered 2 pizzas, one Vegetarian and one sausage and pepperoni. They were medium sized pizzas and they were $51..for 2 pizzas!!! When my father in law asked the deliveryman for an itemized list, he refused to give him one. He then asked if he could call his manager and the delivery guy claimed he did not have a phone. Then on top of that, the pizza was horrible, it taste like cardboard.

This place is the bomb! If you are looking for a pizza to feed a large party this place is it. 28" cheese pizza for it's size, I was surprised by its taste. The pizza was soft. Ingredients are great quality and they all tasted very fresh. The service was very fast and reasonable prices.

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