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Triple Crown Pub San Diego

330 7th Ave
New York, NY 10001
(212) 736-1575

Triple Crown is a little bit more pub than bar. Recommended by the hotel around the corner and it was a good deal. The burger was terrific - cooked just right and topped as requested. And the beer was cold, from a good selection of local and not-local beers. Several televisions tuned in to sports.

A standard midtown bar for those times when you don't want to go home. The prices are moderate, the food is average, the atmosphere is unremarkable. But when you're desperate to be anywhere but your sad lonely apartment, the triple crown is that place.

Walking distance from Penn Station and very friendly. In from Tampa for day by way of Albany. I had the fish special which was delish and side salad. My Uncle had the Buffalo Chicken Salad which he said was very good. Our hostess and male server were extremely nice and accommodating. Since I was only in NYC for a few hours, it was nice that they let me and my uncle talk without rushing us out. I'm a fan. The ladies bathroom was clean and smelled nice, another plus. Coffee was also fabulous. I would definitely stop in again if I come through Penn Station.

Highly recommend the pastrami sandwich and chorizo nachos as an appetizer. The pastrami is easily one of the best cuts i've had in a sandwich, nice and lean. Great place to watch any sports event. Have the option of sitting and eating or sitting at the bar. Service is a little slow but the wait staff is extremely accommodating.

This place is pretty impeccable. I am always impressed, anywhere, when the food comes out looking like someone actually cares. Steak and eggs is the best breakfast on the menu, though they have various Irish spins as well. The place does not have a lot of gluten free options however the chef is confident in what and what does not have gluten, which is the next best thing. The servers are polite and friendly, but well trained and serious. I was pleasantly surprised. It's open early, at 8 am, in case you're staying in Midtown and don't want to do one of those corporate places, this is perfect.

We came here before the Knicks game. The food was quite good (grilled chicken, roast beef sandwich, not and turkey club). The only thing keeping it from five stars was our waitress.

Had a Triple Crown burger. Very good. Only complaint was the ketchup was served in a portion control cup and I like a lot of ketchup when I put down a burger. Beer was expensive too. Good burger, good service, kinda pricey and chinsey on the condiments.

Meh. I came here with some coworkers after work for some drinks. My coworkers ordered turkey burgers with french fries and sweet potato french fries along with beer. They enjoyed their food and beverages. I ordered chicken tenders with french fries and a soda. My food was good and on par with typical bar food. When I ordered my soda, I forgot to say Coke and the waitress never asked. Instead she decided to bring soda water and when I asked what that was she gave me a bunch of attitude - saying she won't take it back. I drank a sip and it was gross. She finally took it back only to give me grief and attitude (and charged me for a coke). She was nice to one of my male coworker and the rest of us she ignored (me especially). The other waitress were nice though.

Great food. I had the Shepherd's pie. Excellent. Others with me had the Reuben and the turkey Reuben. All were extremely satisfied. Only knock was soda. (We were working) Glass filled to top with ice like the bartender was making a mixed drink. 3 sips and you needed a refill. Not a big deal until the check came with a $22.50 subtotal for diet cokes. Who doesn't do free refills anymore? Highly recommend.

Triple Crown is an unpretentious pub on Madison Square Garden bar row: good for pre- or post-game drinks. The grub is decent if you're hungry and the drinks are stiff. The bar also serves as a much-needed "improv lab" for so many students from nearby UCB and Magnet. They generously offer space for performers every night of the week, so thanks for supporting the arts, Triple Crown!

With a bar on every corner in NYC, I have become somewhat of a snob with regard to reviews. Does this bar serve beer? Yes. Does this bar have televisions? Yes Does this bar know how to cook a basic hamburger with fries? Yes If that is your criteria for what you need in a bar then this is your place, as is almost any bar in NYC. I decided it would be fun to go the The Triple Crown for the final race of The Triple Crown. Seemed like a good idea. Now you may think " Oh your review will be about poor service, or how crowded it was" NO that is not why this place sucks. The place sucked because of the untalented bar staff that did not know how to make a Manhattan or pour a Guinness. This is bar tending 101 people. Am I being harsh? probably. The bar could be great otherwise and I just experienced a staff member that wanted to play bartender for the day. Sadly yelp is a user experience based site and this was my experience. In a city with hundreds of bars there is no need for 2nd chances.

Typical bar in NYC. If you are looking for a standard bar to grab some drinks with not so many people, this is the spot. Came here a few times and always have seats available. But the services are slow. Took a good 25 minutes for an order of Buffalo wings, but the price was decent.

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